Who’s the mysterious lady next to Lee Min-ho?


Hallyu actor Lee Min-ho showed off his sweet chemistry with a mysterious woman in a photo shoot with watch brand Romanson.

Wearing and holding two watches each on his wrist and finger, the actor concealed the women’s eyes with the same hand, as if he had prepared a surprise gift. The couple smiled together, boasting a warm chemistry.



[NEWS] Romanson Releases Simple But Captivating Images of Its New Model Lee Min Ho

Romanson Releases Simple But Captivating Images of Its New Model Lee Min Ho

Watch brand Romanson released today promotional images for its new model, actor Lee Min Ho.

According to Romanson, Lee Min Ho was chosen to represent the brand as it takes one more step into the global marks since the actor is the number one Hallyu star in China. It said, “We anticipate that Romanson will be better able to express its color through Lee Min Ho.” Continue reading

[ARTICLE] Lee Min-ho Is Korea’s Endorsement King

Lee Min-ho

Actor and singer Lee Min-ho is a very busy man.

Lee was seen leaving for Hong Kong today at the Incheon International Airport to attend promotions for a soda brand, according to the Korean publication Naver.

Lee Min-ho was spotted dressed for the fall weather in jeans, a white shirt and a cardigan.

Lee rose to fame with his role in the popular Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers,” which has gotten him roles in shows including “City Hunter” and “The Heir,” both of which have been successful. Lee has gone on to receive prestigious awards in the Korean entertainment industry, including the “Most Popular Star Award” at the SBS Drama Awards and the “Best Actor Award” at the Korea Drama Festival. Continue reading

Watch brand ‘Romanson’ show off their campaign with the sexy Lee Min Ho

Watch brand ‘Romanson‘ has revealed their advertising campaign with brand model, Lee Min Ho!  And could they have picked a more suave and classy guy to show off the suave and classy watches?  Probably not.

The campaign, entitled ‘Perfect Man,’ features the male watch version that is perfect for everyday life as well as two versions of a female watch.  In particular, the CF campaign for the female watch will use a cross-sexual marketing technique by showing the female product on a male model with the concept that a romantic guy will buy this watch as a present for a woman he loves.   Continue reading