[NEWS] Lee Min-ho’s ‘Gangnam 1970’ to be released on Jan. 21


Asian heartthrob Lee Min-ho’s movie “Gangnam 1970” will be released on Jan. 21, it was confirmed Wednesday.

The distributor of the film Showbox also revealed pictures showing co-starring actors Kim Rae-won and Lee boasting charismatic masculinity and distinctive fashion in the 1970s.

“Despite wearing old-fashioned clothes, both actors showed off model-like figures. We had a hard time minimizing their neat look and extracting the rustic mood of 1970s,” Yoo Ha, director for the movie, was quoted as saying. Continue reading


[NEWS] Lee Min-ho has the most Weibo followers


Hallyu star Lee Min-ho has proved his popularity in China, with the largest number of Weibo followers among Korean celebrities.

Weibo, China’s most prominent social networking service, is one of the best indicators of stars’ popularity in China. The actor’s Weibo account was found to have 24.6 million followers.

Lee had about 10 million followers in November last year and 20 million by February, just three months later. Recently, Lee made an announcement on his account about his upcoming film “Gangnam 1970” and received more than 40,000 comments from fans. Continue reading

[NEWS] Which countries will be showing Lee Min Ho’s Gangnam 1970?

A new surprise has been reported about Lee Min Ho‘s upcoming movie, Gangnam 1970. Originally it was slated to premiere in late November in Seoul, South Korea, before a postponement was announced for January 2015. Now we have a new announcement about when and where the movie will be shown. And what did Lee Min Ho say about it?

The good news is that the overseas rights of Gangnam 1970 (formerly named Gangnam Blues) have been sold to 11 Asian countries with higher than normal prices. The countries include China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Myanmar.  Continue reading

[NEWS] Lee Min Ho to Wrap Up Global Tour ‘Re:Minho’ in Seoul

The schedule for Lee Min Ho’s finale concert for global tour Re:Minhohas been revealed.

Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho’s agency, announced on November 5, “The global Re:Minho will be wrapping up in Korea on January 3.”

Lee Min Ho’s 2014 global tour titled Re:Minho was successfully held in Beijing, Tokyo, Guangzhou and Nanjing and the upcoming Seoul concert will be planned and produced by Euphoria Seoul.

Re:Minho, which signifies a ‘new start,’ has been gaining positive feedback for featuring Lee Min Ho’s new challenge for the fans. His passionate stage manners and performances have been earning support from the fans, bringing spotlight to each concert. Continue reading

[NEWS] Lee Min Ho raises 50,000 USD to build a well in Africa

Lee Min Ho has raised 50,000 USD to build a well in Africa!

In June, Lee Min Ho launched the platform ‘PMZ‘, which is an acronym for ‘Promise’, ‘Lee Min Ho’, and his fanclub ‘MINOZ’. The platform was launched for him to have a footstep into giving back the love he’s gotten from all his fans. PMZ managed to bring in 50,000 USD, and it will all be going to ‘Charity Water‘ to build a well in Malawi.

Continue reading

[NEWS] Lee Min Ho to release his 2nd special album ‘Song for You’ in October

Media preview

Actor Lee Min Ho will treat fans to his second album ‘Song for You‘ this October!

His agency announced, “Following his album ‘My Everything‘ in May 2013, [Lee Min Ho] is set to release his 2nd album ‘Song for You’ in October. This album is not intended to mark his debut as a singer, but it is fan service in return for the endless requests from fans in Korea and overseas. It will be a different [sound] from his 1st album.” Continue reading

[NEWS] Park Min Young Works Hard to Transform Herself as an Actress for “Healer”

Park Min Young Works Hard to Transform Herself as an Actress for “Healer”

Actress Park Min Young is making a comeback through “Healer,” KBS2TV’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, six months after “A New Leaf.” Park Min Young is showing a unique resolve in her preparation for the role which is bringing attention upon her.

At the end of June when “A New Leaf” finished airing, Park Min Young signed on to appear in “Healer” right away. “Healer” is a drama that contains a story about a star reporter working at a major broadcaster who one day finds out the truth about a past incident and is conflicted between the truth and her principles. Park Min Young will be playing the role of Chae Young Shin, a reporter for an online newspaper. Continue reading