[TWITTER+FB] Lee Min Ho Updates 20140831

Minho updated all his Twitter, FB, Weibo and LINE :

“Gangnam Blues ‘crank up'”

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Source : Lee Min Ho’s Official Twitter, FB, LINE and Weibo Account


[TWITTER+FB+WEIBO+LINE] Lee Min Ho Updates 20140805

Twitter and FB Updates : “큰 태풍이 지나가네요. 모두 건강한 여름 보낼 수 있게 힘내세요!”

Translation : “I’ve heard about the passing typhoon. I hope you all to have a healthy summer!”

Weibo Updates : “非常感谢和感动,我的粉丝用善良和爱心去帮助受难的人们。我为你们感到骄傲!真心希望痛苦的事情不要再发生,大家加油!”

Translation : “I’m very grateful and touched by my fans’ kindness and compassion to help suffering people. I am proud of you! Sincerely hope that suffering things will not happen again, cheer up! ”

LINE Updates : “Good night.”



Source : Lee Min Ho’s Official Twitter, FB, Weibo and LINE account


[LINE] Lee Min Ho Updates 20140522

Lee Min Ho updated his China LINE :

大家好 非常感谢大家对“一线钟情”的关爱! 为了报答大家的支持我们准备了“一线钟情”的第二个贴图! :)”

Translation :

“Hello everyone Thank you very much for the “one LINE love” love!
In order to repay everyone’s support we have prepared a “love line” stickers! :)”

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[LINE] Lee Min Ho Updates 20140509

Minho updated his China LINE :

大家好, 我主演的爱情微剧 《一线钟情(‘LINE’ Micro Drama “One ‘LINE’ romance”)》在中国地区上映了,赶快来看吧,希望大家能够喜欢. * 马上观看: http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrhtce8o.html”

Translation : “Hello everyone, my micro drama “one line love (‘LINE’ Micro Drama” One ‘LINE’ romance “)” has released in China, quickly have a look at it, I hope you will enjoy it * watch it immediately: http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrhtce8o.html”

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Source : Lee Min Ho’s Official LINE (CH)