[TWITTER+IG] Park Min Young Updates 20141210

Our girl tweeted via her IG and posted a very pretty picture of her while doing a photoshoot for Ceci Magazine – January Edition

Media preview

“쎄씨1월호커버촬영했어요 어마어마하게 좋은분들 언제나 감사해여 근데 영신이 오디가찌이???#ceci #covergirl #healer #

Translation : “Ceci January cover photoshoot was amazing thanks to all the good people but where is Young Shin??? #Ceci #Covergirl #Healer #end”


Source : Park Min Young’s Official Twitter and IG Account

Translation taken from PMYIFANSUNITED


[TWITTER] Park Min Young Updates 20141201

Minyoung updated her Twitter :

“썸데이뉴스 채영신기자입니다. 첫방 일쥬일 남았어요 두구두구두

Translation :

“”This is Reporter Chae Young Shin from Someday News. You’ve got two days… dugudugudu 

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Source : Park Min Young’s Official Twitter Account

[TWITTER] Park Min Young Updates 20141030

Finally our sweet girl updated her twitter

“Shooting a commercial #isenberg

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At first when I saw her photo I was amazed as I felt like I was looking at a doll, she’s so pretty… Oh I was missing her badly…but I know that she read our tweets to her and she would surely updating us 🙂 and why she tweeted today? when her man is in China…. I’m sure she’s updating her man with what she was doing at work 😀



Source : Park Min Young’s Official Twitter Account