[TRANS] Lee Min Ho – Visit to Japan Official Interview by KNTV

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Interesting Tidbits from Few of Lee Min Ho’s Interview (1)

Minho had few Interviews recently, but I will only post the interesting parts here, I’ve asked help from a MM fan who’s good in both Chinese and English, so I can assure you that her translations are all correct and MOST OF ALL, she won’t twist Minho’s words like what Minoz always do whenever they think Minho’s words are a threat for them or their ship, so we won’t get Lost in Translation again. To remind you all again, I will only post the part that I think interesting, other than that I won’t post it here.

Below is from i- Weekly (Singapore) Magazine Issue 859, check the circle one :


“Big Star’s Ordinary things”

Q: If you can spend a day like an ordinary person….

A: I wish I can go to amusement park….or during Christmas time, walk freely in downtown with my friend.”
This reminds me of what Minyoung said in her interviews too, do you all still remember too? 😉

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[VIDEO] Trans: Park Min Young’s MBC Section TV Interview 20140302


Big eyes like those of a fawn. Red lips like apple. Nose like Mount Everest. Who is this girl?

She is Park Min Young, whom people find adorable, no matter the time.

More beautiful than a flower, whose smile quickens the coming of spring.

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[Trans-Article] 10+ Star magazine – Interview with Lee Min Ho 이민호

“To be honest, I felt burdened having to play a role of a high-school student. I was worried because I’ll be 28 (korean age) next year, isn’t it too far-fetched for me to play a high-schooler. However, Kim Eun Sook told me not to be burdened by it and to act like how I am right now.”

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