[Spoiler] “A New Leaf” Park Min-yeong leaves Kim Sang-joong

Park Min-yeong left the law firm.

On the fifteenth episode of the MBC drama “A New Leaf“, Lee Ji-yoon (Park Min-yeong) left the Cha Yeong Woo Law Firm.

She told Jeon Ji-won (Jin I-han), “I will take care of the case as quickly as I can” and handed him her letter of resignation. Cha Yeong-woo (Kim Sang-joong) said, “I am sorry to see you go because you broke my stereotype on local universities”. She said, “Thank you for giving me a chance. I’m sorry and thank you”. Continue reading


[Spoiler] “A New Leaf” Park Min-yeong and Jin I-han’s romance

Park Min-yeong said something to draw the line between her and Jin I-han.

On the twelfth episode of the MBC drama “A New Leaf“, Cha Yeong-woo Firm intern Lee Ji-yoon (Park Min-yeong) seemed less interested in the lawyer Jeon Ji-won (Jin I-han) after Kim Seok-joo (Kim Myeong-min) left.

Previously, Kim Seok-joo wanted to erase his embarrassing memories and wanted to save Yoo Jeong-seon (Chae Jeong-an), so he resigned from the firm.

Lee Ji-yoon told her friend Lee Mi-ri (Lee Joo-yeon-I) about leaving the firm too because Kim Seok-joo wasn’t there anymore. Continue reading

[Spoiler] “A New Leaf” Park Min-yeong surprised to see Jin I-han

Park Min-yeong was surprised to see Jin I-han appear as the judge for the Kim Yoon-seo case.

Seok-joo (Kim Myeong-min) made a queer face when Ji-won (Jin I-han) appeared as a judge and Ji-yoon (Park Min-yeong) was surprised but she didn’t mind it.

Seok-joo proved that the time Hye-ryeong went into Dong-hyeon’s house and the time of the CCTV mismatch; Ji-won pointed out to the investigator that these were basic things. Continue reading