[WEIBO] Lee Min Ho Updates 20140308

Minho updated his Weibo, me2day and LINE not long after he’s done with the Event in Hangzhou

Weibo Updates :  “오늘 여러분 만나서 즐거웠어요, 담에 또 만나요, 감기조심하세요 很高兴今天见到大家,希望下次再见面,大家小心不要感冒”

Translation : “”Today it is so fun to meet you all, and see you by the fence, please take care and do not catch a cold. Very happy to meet you all today, I hope to see you all again next time, please take care, do not catch a cold~”

me2day Updates : “감기 조심하세요 ~”

Translation : “Watch out from the cold ~”

Photo Caption : “중국 항저우에서”

Translation : “Hangzhou China” Continue reading


[TWITTER] Lee Min Ho Updates 20131231

Minho updated his SNS with a New Year Greetings for fans with a video message :
Twitter and Facebook : “From. LeeMinho Thanks & Happy New Year!”
Weibo : ” 我刚刚上传了一条视频:Chinese_Leeminho_ Thanks&HappyNewYear_2014 ,快来看吧。”
Translation : “I just posted a video, Chinese_Leeminho_ Thanks&HappyNewYear_2014 please check it out. ” Continue reading

[TWITTER] Lee Min Ho Updates 20131223

Minho updated his Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, LINE and me2day with his picture with Actor Jackie Chan

Twitter, Facebook and LINE : “With #JackieChan /V”

Weibo Updates : “我已经到韩国了,昨天见到所有观众和Minoz感到非常幸福!而且还见到范冰冰前辈和成龙大哥非常荣幸,希望大家开心过好年底~!”

Translation : “I’ve reached Korea, I was very happy to see all the audiences and Minoz yesterday! But also very honored to meet Jackie Chan and Fan Bing Bing seniors, I hope you have a good happy year end ~!”

 me2day : “어제 북경에서” (yesterday in Beijing)

Photo Caption : “  ” (now in Seoul v)


Media preview

Source : Lee Min Ho’s Official Twitter, FB, me2day, Weibo and LINE account

[TWITTER] Lee Min Ho Updates 20131214

Minho updated all his SNS yesterday

Twitter :

1st Update : RT-ing Innisfree’s Tweet “@ecoinnisfree [에코이니 뉴스] 크리스마스엔 산타가 되세요! ^_^ 세이브더칠드런이 지원하는 아이들의 소원영상을 공유하기만 하면 산타가 될 수 있어요. +산타 신청하러 가기:http://j.mp/1bNTdMw http://twitpic.com/dmisai 

Translation : “@ecoinnisfree [ECOINISFREE NEWS] Be a Christmas Santa! ^_^ Save the children let’s support the children’s wishes and share the video but you can be Santa too. + If you want to apply as a Santa please go to http://j.mp/1bNTdMw Continue reading

[TWITTER] Lee Min Ho Updates 20131202

Minho updated his Twitter, Facebook,me2day and LINE KR and JP :

Twitter, FB :

1st and 2nd Updates : “김탄은 참…ㅋ 10 million friends! Thank you always~~ I [Like] you too. 따뜻함을 나누는 12월이 되길..”

Translation : “Kim Tan is very…ㅋ 10 million friends! Thank you always~~ I [Like] you too. I hope you have a warm December..”

3rd Updates : “학생들 시험 잘 봐. 중간은 없는걸로.. ㅋ Good night”

Translation : “Students look at the test well. No middle range.. ㅋ Good night”

4th Updates : “I guess many people haven’t seen this photo yet… I took this in a cute concept of Tan Kim in my new drama(The Inheritors) hope you watch it soon!” Continue reading

[TWITTER] Lee Min Ho Updates 20131121

Minho updated his Twitter and me2day

Twitter : “좋은 꿈 꾸고 있냐? 굳밤. Good night & sweet dreams”

Translation : “Are you having a good dream? Good night. Good night & sweet dreams”

 me2day : “좋은 꿈 꾸고 있어? 굳밤”


Translation : “Are you having a good dream? Good night”

“You guys are.there…”