RANDOM: Kids, ride and Cantata POV

Yep, i know the title doesnt sound right but im lazy to think of any good titles and Im not good at making titles.LOL So just read the post while listening to this Urban Zakapa song…♥♥♥ one of my fav Korean Indie band.

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MinMin are reflecting each other’s expressions

This is something random as we were spazzing about Cantata Cf interview last night. Minho and Minyoung are somehow mimicking each others expressions and I just find it super cute!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

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Who’s that person beside Minyoung?

MinMin hunters on Weibo have good eyes..lol. But before that let me share a rough trans of an online article pertaining to Minyoung’s 10/23 tweet. ^^

The article mentioned how her porcelain skin was a hot topic among netizens and that they are envious.
“On the photo Park Minyoung leaned on SOMEONE’S shoulder.The camera showing a faint smile”
Netizens’s comments were also included on the article.

BUUUUUUUUUT that’s not it…the point is, on the article it never specified who’s that SOMEONE she leaned on. As per comment that i have read, they couldve asked KingKong ent who is that person ,either a staff or MY’s stylist. Could it be that person is Minho?LOLOLOL….oh babies we can only speculate.heeee

and of course WEIBO peeps had to do these haha

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