Moving on…

I’m not sure if its necessary to post this and it had been days since the news broke that Lee Minho is now dating Suzy.  For some reason i feel that i had to write something about it, not because i’m disappointed but because im proud of my fellow MinMin shippers ❤


To be honest, i felt relieved that Minho was the first one to be in a relationship and not Minyoung. It wouldve been a different scenario if Minyoung got a boyfriend and Im sure them rabid antis will be wasting their time bashing her. I havent read all the reaction of MinMin shippers but majority felt happy for him and rejoicing for Minyoung.haha. That’s how amazing this group of supporters are, we’re always a step ahead and people might be confuse why we are not bitter. This is because MinMin shippers had a long history of struggle protecting Minyoung from his fans and this news took a huge weight off our shoulders. Dont get me wrong, a part of me still felt a bit sad that it didnt work out for them but we all saw it coming anyways so it hurt so bad.

They will always be one of my favourite otp out there and im so happy to have seen their love blossom. It’s a given that not all relationships last for so many reasons, but I hope they parted amicably.

I wish all the best to Minho and Suzy, as for Minyoung…its funny that a lot are happy to pair her with a new guy. haha. See, we move on so quickly! lmao. But for me, i want Minyoung to take her time. To be with someone quietly and if she’s really ready then share their love to the public. Netizens easily scrutinise her simply because she had PS and for them people who had something done on their body is never good enough. Hypocrisy.

As for who I want for her……i’m back to shipping her w/ SAHYUNG! haha ❤

Thanks MinMin and Minmin fans for the memories. ❤



22 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. Yes, lets moving on. Some of Minmin chingus alr move on too ryt even before minho and suzy confirmed dating?? Im minmin shipper and 100% a minoz. I’ll support Minho and whoever his gf is. Im realize now that im not a shipper. Im just happy if minho happy with his girl. Tho mybe im cant be called a shipper. Whatever ha! Thanks for all memories from all chingus. Some of them left me without any words. Sad. I thought we are friends. Ah myb im too innocent to think that way.
    But like what you said, lets moving on. I’ll keep cheering my bae and his Bae lol Good luck on ur new shipper later. From now on, i quit from this shipper thing. Too tired from haha. Good luck guys 🙂

    • Im more of a Minyoung fan than a shipper i guess because i think more of her welfare. The reason why i say it is because even if MM were together before I could still ship MY with someone else.haha.

      It’s all cool, we support who they love and that’s important. ^^

  2. yes. i shipped minho with everyone too haha good luck for minyoung too. hope she finds her happiness too. as a part of minoz, i feel and say sorry to her. bcos some immature minho fans, she suffered a lot. Hope she can find a better man than minho. Good luck to all minyoung fans too 🙂

  3. Most of MM ship is minyoung fans. I knew it. Im a minority here hahaha Thats why Minho fans from MM ship decreased these days after he confirmed with suzy lol So sad.

    • I think some fans were neutral before they started even becoming MY fans. Some MM shippers simply started liking the couple because they look wonderful together. However, you know how majority of Minoz treated MY thats why a lot of MM fans heavily supported MY because they feel for her. You dont have to be sad, Minoz’ number hasnt really decreased even a fraction of it.

  4. I liked them together – their personalities fit so well. But since they were together for so long, I suspected they were bound to break up sooner or later since marriage was not going happen any time soon. When Min Ho spoke of a break up during GB promo & MY about wanting a bf during New Year, it confirmed for me that indeed they’ve finally broken up. I suspected as much in the 2nd half of last year. A lot of people suspected he was talking about PSH but I don’t think there ever was anything romantic there. Min Ho tend to be very obvious when he likes someone, which was the case with PMY & earlier this year except no one thought it was Suzy.

    Thank you for being a classy bunch. I can’t say the same for the other ship, which is a mess & hating on Min Ho simply because of their broken dreams. MinMin may have parted but I can’t help but think this is better for PMY. Strangely, a lot of Minoz couldn’t find it in them to support the relationship. I’ve always felt that was unfair to MinMin. It was no one’s business who Min Ho choose to be with. I wish fans showed more PMY more respect the past few years.

    • Wonderful response,I thought their personalities complemented each other too which was why I really felt they were a good match. But as we all know it does not simply end there. A couple of things could have been the reason why they finally called it quits. Its never was a loss on either party because relationships do not involve other people, the only thing that mattered was if they still wanted it to work.

      Recently they became more open regarding relationship questions and in my heart i knew they ended it. I also thought it was better for MY, for me i think she can find a better match. I wish Minho well too, may they all have a wonderful love to share with their respective partners.

  5. Happy and proud to have supported this amazing couple, thank you for everything.Thanks to everyone, it was a great adventure.

    I’m and have always been a Minoz who said that I’ll support his girlfriend no matter who she is. So of course I support Minho and his couple, but I’ll never forget MinMin.
    I’m sincerely sorry for the cowardly and shameful behavior of some of Minoz.

    I wish MinYoung to be happy and I thank her for all the happiness she bring to Minho during the time they were together. Good luck for her career. Good luck for MY’s fans and it was a pleasure to share amazing moments with you.

  6. Tbh, I was so disappointed but that doesn’t invalidate what I have ever tasted for our OTP ❤ I have to admit if I was MinMin shippers more than 1000% but also realized if maybe now isn't the time for us to unite couples. I'm so sad for this but I still believe if someday they can be paired again by God. I'm still support Minho esp our lovely Minyoung no matter what, I don't hate any of them bcos I can't do it too, If they're happy with their couples now let's keep supporting and certainly kept thinking adult 🙂 I'm so proud of the shippers thought, I just wanna say if you're so remarkable. So let's stay friend bcos you have become best friends in thinking. Stay healthy chingus 😉

    • That’s right, who knows in the end they’ll be the together again. But let us not just dwell on that and be happy on what the current status of their heart. Everything is possible.

  7. No im not, im minoz from the beginning lol Yes i feel pity for the girl but mybe ppl right, myb their love isnt strong enough to face those storm. Yeah you right his fans seems increase from kpop fans hahaha Most MMship alr unfollowed me on twitter. They must be hate minho a lot till they dont wanna see minho in their timeline. Its their right to hate him. Myb he make mistakes but remember, we never know the real story. Once again im really sorry to MMship, no, all minyoung fans to make her suffered a lot bcos of some immature minho fans *bow*

    • i dont think they hate minho, they just dont have any reason to follow him i guess. ^^

      How do i put it, they dont care what he does and for me that doesnt mean they hate him.

  8. I think its not minyoungs loss, maybe she find her one true love now, with the new guy, she deserved it after all.

    • Yes I agree with you it’s not minyoung loss, everyone has the right to be happy and we have to respect each other what ever happened has a reason I’m wish all the best for minyoung she deserve a better man

  9. From what I’ve heard from reliable sources is that Min Young can’t let go of Min Ho who loves park shin hye now. Before their drama The Heirs started Min Ho broke up with MY to focus on his work. Min Ho fell in love with PSH and MY is trying to hold on to the word S. Min Ho and her were lovers for a long time. They bonded sexually but sad to say Min Ho just doesn’t love her anymore. He is serious with PSH! He doesn’t respect Min Young! Check out his weibo there’s a photo there with a saying WILD with violet colored pillow. Min young’s favorite color is violet. She’s a beautiful woman, don’t know why she’s wasting her time holding on to Min Ho who can’t even stand up for her. So sad for her.

    • PSH and LMH were never in a relationship, it’s more of a sunbae and hoobae kind of thing. It’s the PSH fans that’s making all of these things. So please stop making all these awful gossip.

      Yeah LMH loves PSH that’s why he is publicly dating Miss Suzy. Get your facts first before you post in a public forum.

    • Oh boy! This recycled made up gossip again. First it was Yoona that LMH was paired with in an advertisement ….that the immature fantards are saying that Minyoung is jealous of… Now it’s PSH.. Oh punleeze! If you have nothing better to do than keep making up stuffs, go read a book and stop spreading malicious lies!

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