Au Revoir from Leslie <3

From my first post Welcome to my MINMIN world ♥ , I somehow felt that my life was changing because of so much dedication to a certain couple. ^^ I never knew i’d go batshit crazy at one point (heck! i even went to their dating place in Korea lol) but  reading long discussions from my fellow peers fuelled my love for Minyoung and Minho even more.

The posts Spotted at 한남볼 and MinMin spotted at 서래 마을! were a few of my favourites because destiny and twitter folks helped us (in one way or the other) STALK the lovely couple. I was unbelievably ON IT searching Korean sites for photos, google tanslate EVERY SINGLE THING lmao. It felt like i was on steroids O.o and of course people like Yeoh, Weibo wonders and Amanda helped so much with the translation.

Time flies so fast and I cant believe it has been almost 4 years since I started this little cyber space of ours. This may not be the most organize site out there but boy we had fun! Also, we have all been through a roller coaster of emotions when it comes to this couple, the breakup news , reconciliation rumors and so on were a lot to take. Yet i am so proud of MinMin shippers, they never come across as crazy. We knew what fights to pick and when to walk away.  You all have been so amazing.

Im writing this note because its time for me to hand our precious Minmin blog to someone who can take care of it and continue sharing wonderful memories. Kakachen will continue this blog and I hope she finds dedicated people who will update us with both MY and MH’s activities going forward.

I would like to GIVE A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported this blog since the beginning. To waff and bikyominmin who helped me so much updating this site, i am forever in your debt. Minmin friends from Soompi, Facebook and Twitter , who have been fierce with their love and support. You guys rock! I wont mention each one because I might miss out but you know who you are.  I want to say a special thank you to Tadja, Merlin, Heartminmin who have shared videos, photos and heartfelt insights.

To our WEIBO,Baidu and ENSUN sisters THANK YOU so much ❤

To the wonderful translators who we knew by chance or simply because we have mastered the art of pestering haha, you guys are so damn great! thank you so much!

To amanda, te you are best you know that.  Thank you!^______^

I might still pop once or twice, and you guys can still follow me at

Their date in Seorae Maeul left a deep impact that i named my personal blog after the

I dont like to say goodbye…but rather, See you all later. ^^

Take Care,



13 thoughts on “Au Revoir from Leslie <3

  1. Leslie Thank you so much Sister !!! Thank you for everything you have done for this blog, for MinHo and MinYoung and for MinMin’s shippers. See you !!!

  2. To: Admin Leslie
    It was really fun reading all your updates with our couple,. It was one thing that I look forward to every time I open my computer. Hopefully the next admin will be as active & dedicated as you do… ☺
    All your write-ups was #Daebak so thank you for sharing all the wonderful moments of MinMin…

  3. I was so shocked this morning. There are news of confirmation between Miss A Suzy and Lee Min Ho. According to the article they are dating for months. How’s our Minyoung? 😦

  4. its not the end guys! leslie said so too its not a goodbye but a see u nxt time i feel in my heart whenever i see them its not yet over i will not be persuaded by that , we all still be lonely . but this is life we have ups and downs maybe this is the most challenging role for minmin shippers but i believe this is worth the fight MINMIN FIGHTIN’

  5. well… thanks leslie for your great input here and in soompi. I was always silent… but may I say something now. I believe she was the only co-worker he was involved with. But with this news .. their breakup did happen..and I think it did affect her a lot .. she took two years off the spotlight. I dont blame him.. this is life..but she did suffer didnt she.. especially with all the uneccessary attacks. It must hurt now too. Bless her, hope she gets great work opportunities and a devoted guy.. Fighting! Min Young Shii!!

  6. So disappointed to hear that she still continued her relationship with min ho after announcing their breakup. Min Ho never did anything when his fans bashed her. Now min ho is in love with another actress. Hope one day she’ll finally wake up and fall in love with a new man. Someone who can stand up for her.

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