[WEIBO+TWITTER] Park Min Young Updates 20140920

Minyoung updated her Weibo at 14:01 KST, she took a selca and posted it

miss u all TT

And at 16:02 KST, Minyoung updated her twitter too

“퇴근하는길♡어제오늘 모두 반가웟어여 진심임” (I was really glad to see you all today and yesterday ♡)

Then she tweeted a second tweet at 16:20

“두근두근변신하러도착.. 긴머리안뇽 힐러안뇽♡ ” (“Excited to Transform… Good bye long hair, Hello Healer ♡”)

Seems like Minyoung is going to cut her hair short….hmmm I can’t wait to see her transformation. One thing I’m sure of, Minyoung will still look beautiful in any kind of hair 🙂 😉



Source : Park Min Young’s Official Weibo and Twitter account


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