[SPAZZ] Healer, new love team and jealous LEE MIN HO

This is Park Minyoung consoling jealous Lee Minho because Ji Chang Wook is taking over!


You guys know I was kidding right? XD

OH.MY.GOSH!!! How are you MinMin loves!? it’s been a while since I last posted here and this is because of theΒ new photos of KBS’ new drama “HEALER” script reading. WHAT!? im hysterical because of the script reading? LOL who does that!?

Well my lovelies, i just so happen to read THE overview of what this new show has for us! Basically it mentioned that Ji Chang Wook is playing this mysterious errand guy who has martial art skills on top of being brainy and good looking! While Park Minyoung will play a second rate online news writer (WHO WILL BE OUR ROMCOM HEROINE!) who’s father is a lawyer who specialises in criminal cases and while running a cafe on the side, employing ex-con baristas. LOL

While Yoo Ji Tae ahjusshi plays as a top rated reporter who’s the envy of all reporters. An interesting point raised on one article where it mentioned he’ll be playing ‘DADDY LONG LEGS’ type of character as well, which made me think there will be a LOVE triangle between him, minyoung and ji chang wook.

YAS,bring it all out! The moment i saw the photo below and the articles…

I was like….

YES, i had my LOVE BEAMS turned on! I could not emphasis enough how long i have waited for Park Minyoung to do a romcom with someone who complements her! and I feel from the bottom of my heart that this is THE DRAMA to watch for. Dont get me wrong, ive watched her previous project “A NEW LEAF” and boy was I ready for some May-December love…somehow similar to Sabrina (tho my imagination is far from the plot). But unfortunately the writer decided to be my enemy when she cut any possible love lines between KMM and PMY. UGH! i was disappointed beyond words! I left the drama forum because for sure my big mouth will bring me more trouble.lol.

So going back to HEALER, i have so much hopes for this show! But first, i must admit…….. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT JI CHANG WOOK! lol. Ive searched for his old series or movies before and I have watched NONE of his projects. Based on what i read his most famous work will be that of Empress Ki and this baby boy is looking fine!

(yep, i had to put that photo in)

He’s 27 btw which then technically makes him Minyoung’s dongsaeng.HAH! Lee Minho boy is shooting fiery look already. He also seem to have a solid acting chops so yey! Obviously he’s starting to be the apple of my eyes as he looks both manly and cute. So help me god!

Lastly as this post is too long already, i do see the resemblance of City Hunter on this show? like Changwook being this guy with two personas!? (isnt it familiar!??) and of course Minyoung will later find out who he really is and along the way fall in love. HOMYGOSH CLARK KENT meets LOIS LANE. huhuhu GODDAMMIT ALL MY FEELS.

So that’s it for now and thank you so much for checking this site! It’ll be our 3rd year next month and how time flies! I didnt expect that this blog will still be alive and kicking after all these years. Big thanks to Waffs for keeping this place updated as well! (Waff, we have 1.5 million views from the time we opened! WUT!?? hahaha)

love you all and till next time!!






26 thoughts on “[SPAZZ] Healer, new love team and jealous LEE MIN HO

  1. Thanks Les for this update on our beloved MinYoungssi…I’ve been hungry & thirsty for ur updates about her for the longest of time, and this really made my day sweetie! Thanks to u and waffs123 for all ur hardworks, HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all of us! At first I really thought this site will be over as soon as CITY HUNTER ends, but lo and behold, it’s almost 3years already and it’s still alive and kicking! KUDOS TO ALL OF U GUYS! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS! FIGHTING!!!!

    • Bikyo and Waffs were such wonderful help keeping this site running!
      and yesss i feel that we were all in drought with MINYONG romcom and i need loads of them. I still want her to do some serious roles but hopefully in a movie. kkk. Cant wait for this show to start!

  2. Congrats for all those who incharge in this blog especially to you my Sis @Waffs123. More Months and years to come that full of good news and project from our MinMin Couple. This is very amusing so I’m avid viewer, reader of my Handsome LMH and gorgeous PMY.

    Like you I’m Certified Proud Fighter Fans Of MinMinCoulpe. That was Forever!

  3. Oh Les I Love your post.. i hope the writer give us more romcom scene, I can’t wait to see LMH get jealous.. I miss them both soooo much,.

  4. I’m a MINMIN fanatic.. but when I watched the HEALER.. “Ommo.. Is Ji chang wook looks better than lee min ho for min young unnie?” DAMN IT!! I’M CONFUSED!! SHIT SHIT! CHANGMIN LOOKS CUTE AND AWESOME BUT HOW ABOUT LEE MIN HO? URGH. Her cuteness in the series and his hotness are better.. I think. Cause srsly, I’M FCKING CONFUSED!

    • I still think that Lee Min ho is the best guy for Min Young and vice versa. Hope they get married already if they are really still on right now. ^u^

  5. i have just watched the kbs awards where Minyoung was the MC and after the countdown of the New Year, her fellow MC asked Minyoung whats her wish for 2015. she said that since they are still filming the drama she wished that her co actor JCW would do his action scene safely and….. for herself… she wished to have a boyfriend. that was very unexpected. my heart just broke.. I thought that MinMin are still together 😦 is she just joking? her co MC said she will definitely get her wish in 2015. If its with JCW ( just assuming,,, I think I wll be happy for her. they do look good together.) but can someone update about MinMin please. pretty please.

  6. I do like min min couple,even though min young is doing Healer with JCW, for me LMH and PMY still look good together πŸ™‚

  7. OMG…it also saddened me to know the truth that PMY & LMH is really over….but, we can”t do anything about it but to accept reality and move on! PMY already admitted during the award’s night when her co-emcee’s asked PMY about her ny’s wish and she said… that she hopes to find a boyfriend! So folks, it’s all written in her forehead that she is single & willing to mingle…. `

  8. Can you please update the news of LMH and PMY??? I’m sure everyone in here is dying to know what has been happening to both of them… Thanks!!

  9. i luv ya park min young,i rily want u 2 move on in ur relationship,i was once still expecting u and LMH to cum bak 2geda but it cant b again bcos he has found his love and i want u too 2 luk 4 sum1 dat will love u for who u really are,u are nt young anymore u are nw 29 this year,not only your work is important but your happiness in a relationship is also important to me.TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN,MAKE USE OF YOUR TIME WISELY.

  10. hello everyone !! l’m just new here .. i don’t like bae suzy for lee min ho , i want park min young for him ..tsk tsk i miss minmin couple naaaa..

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