[DRAMA] KBS new drama “HEALER” held its first script reading

On September 15, KBS’ new drama “HEALER” held their first script reading and the actors have gathered right after Chuseok (Thanksgiving) Holiday. To read further, I will link below well translated articles about the new show.

[link 1]    and    [link 2]

Both articles have mentioned how the actors have passionately rehearsed for more than 4 hours and that they are immersed in acting out their roles.  Let me give a summary on what the story is based on the translations provided above.

Ji Chang Wook’s appearance is as the sexy messenger with both looks and brains, in addition to being skilled in the martial arts. Yoo Ji Tae’s drama comeback in six years is quite the topic of conversation, and has the essence of gentle charisma to take the role of star reporter Kim Moon Ho, envied as one of the top 1% of all Korean journalists. Internet newspaper reporter Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) smiled cheerfully while reading her scenes.

OH.MY.GOSH, yes i’m so looking forward to this show!!! ❤


After the end of the reading, Ji Chang Wook stated “The script reading was completed very enjoyably. I’m looking forward to what I think will be an enjoyable piece of work. I will work even harder and prepare in depth to show you a new appearance that I’ve yet to show before. Please look toward to the drama and give your support.”
Yoo Ji Tae also added “It is a great honour for me to work with writer Song Ji Nah, who helped me with my drama debut in my rookie days and I also look forward to the top notch directing of Lee Jung Seob PD. While reading, the appearances of the handsome Changwook-sshi in action and that of the cheerful pretty romcom heroine Minyoung-sshi naturally came to mind and I’m greatly anticipating that. I will do my best to present good acting in this show, and I will work hard to be a daddy long legs ahjusshi befitting of his height.”
Park Min Young ended with “This is the first script reading practice, and the presence of seniors whom I’ve not met in a long time make me slightly nervous. But thanks to the natural guidance of the PD and writer, I was able to relieve some of that anxiety and my anticipation for the first filming has increased. It is a great honour to meet these great people in one show and the thought of being able to learn a lot makes me even happier. Please look forward to it and give us your support.”

Please look forward to this show and show support for Park Minyoung’s latest project. Healer will air after ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ in early December.


2 thoughts on “[DRAMA] KBS new drama “HEALER” held its first script reading

  1. Looking forward to this drama…and surely, can’t wait! It’s an early Xmas gift to all of us MinYoung-sshi’s fans! All the best to this drama….go, go, go…fighting!

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