[WEIBO] Lee Min Ho Updates 20140308

Minho updated his Weibo, me2day and LINE not long after he’s done with the Event in Hangzhou

Weibo Updates :  “오늘 여러분 만나서 즐거웠어요, 담에 또 만나요, 감기조심하세요 很高兴今天见到大家,希望下次再见面,大家小心不要感冒”

Translation : “”Today it is so fun to meet you all, and see you by the fence, please take care and do not catch a cold. Very happy to meet you all today, I hope to see you all again next time, please take care, do not catch a cold~”

me2day Updates : “감기 조심하세요 ~”

Translation : “Watch out from the cold ~”

Photo Caption : “중국 항저우에서”

Translation : “Hangzhou China”

LINE Updates : 

“Hope you have a fulfilling day with no regrets..”

“It is so unfortunate and heartbreaking to hear about this accident. I send my regards and consolation to the victims and families”


Source : Lee Min Ho’s Official Weibo, me2day and LINE Account


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