Lee Min Ho’s Ideal Girl is Park Min Young!

At his Jakarta FM, Lee Min Ho mentions that his ideal girl has to have the following criteria:
1. Good at cooking~

미뇽셰프의저녁메뉴!♥ 여러분들두 맛저녁하세효 냠냠

Good morning! 아침에 눈이일찍떠져서 마들렌구웟더니 달콤향기가가득♥

2. Well manicured hands~



3. Long hair~

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


4. Mature thinking~

Yes, Lee Min Ho must be thinking hopelessly about his beautiful Park Min Young when he listed these criteria.


5 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho’s Ideal Girl is Park Min Young!

  1. hmm, good in cooking and well manicured hands are new to the list.
    actually, LMH always gives different description of his ideal girl, he’s either giving physical or character description…..but no matter what he say, he’s obviously thinking about the same person…. and it all points to …. dan dan dan …. Minyoung!!!

  2. Well the discription could involved any of the leading k drama ladies; however , it can be that he simple generalizing what he obviously prefer in a woman.

    Xoxo Michi

  3. I want lee min hio to realize what he has lost but i want him to date park min young she more beautiful and mature in thinking .lee min if you are not a christain pls accept christ and we shall at paradise

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