Fanmade photos of Lee Minho for “Faith” is creating a buzz…

Once it was announced that actor Lee Min Ho was confirmed for the upcoming SBS drama ‘Faith’ (tentative title), a swarm of composite photos made by fans started to surface.

Combined photos of his face and outfits that were worn during the Goryeo Dynasty period were shared on various social networking sites.

Postures such as him holding a sword or shooting an arrow showed a charismatic appearance of a ‘Top General.’ The photos also made it seem like it was from a martial arts hero novel, and they even looked real enough to become an official poster for the drama ‘Faith.’

A representative from Starhaus Entertainment stated, “This will be Lee Min Ho’s first sageuk (historical drama), and I think a lot of people are wondering how he would look,” and “Because of the fans’ high anticipation, we hope that they will see a new image of Lee Min Ho through his first sageuk.

Also, “Lee Min Ho fans’ diligence and enthusiasm were already widely known, but Lee Min Ho himself was surprised by how fast the composite photos spread.”

A representative for the publisher of the drama ‘Faith’ stated, “Our graphics team and costume team are currently developing ideas and styles for the drama, so we believe these would provide such a big help for them.”

We also misultim and makeup team set up in the drama, characters and situations as possible in a style that meets the research and the opinions of many viewers, which is going to be a good reference

Alongside with ‘Faith,’ drama ‘Ghost’ featuring So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee is also set to air in August.

Original Source: Nate News
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (



Saeguk dramas are big deal in Korea, the more that this is the comeback show of THE Kim Hee Sun. For those who started Korean drama around early 2000 or late 90s , Kim Hee Sun was the face of  Korean Entertainment. Now that the hot and in demand Minho’s on board i can just imagine how colorful the ratings will be in August. Fighting!




9 thoughts on “Fanmade photos of Lee Minho for “Faith” is creating a buzz…

  1. For sure, the ratings will reach towering heights!!! 😀 Even my mom who solely adores GU JUN PYO (Yeah, she still calls him like that no matter how many times I tell her that its’ LEE MIN HO) is excited for this upcoming drama. ^^

  2. a great wow, we are very excited with his new choice of drama, lee min ho never fails to amaze his fans, surely this will be a hit worldwide. Every drama is different from the others that he made,. he is very wise in picking his craft.

  3. just a thought… maybe MY is excited to watch this drama too.. hehehehhe watching dear Minho in this role. even if they are still in a relationship or not. as the agencies said they support each other as senior and junior. hehehehe

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