Could Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young get back together?

The translation that killed me…

‘City Hunter‘ fans might possibly see the Lee Min Ho-Park Min Young couple together again as rumors are circulating that the two stars still meet frequently.

According to insiders, the two still talk on the phone together and send text messages often, in addition to meeting each other near their homes. The possibility of the two allegedly getting back together after their break up over two months ago is gaining much interest.

The two stars caught each others’ eye after filming for SBS‘ hit drama, ‘City Hunter’, in July, and broke off their relationship this past December. They released the news to the public belatedly in January, stating they are now just “encouraging colleagues” to one another.

However, rumors of an alleged reunion are now quietly arising. On April 3rd, one insider who is close to the two stated, “It was burdensome for the two to meet at places where there were a lot of fans or they would receive a lot of attention…Rather than a break-up [atmosphere], it’s a casual atmosphere where there’s no burden.”

Their frequent meetings have not gone unknown to colleagues either. One star who acted in Park Min Young’s drama stated, “It seems the two have strong feelings for each other…Even though I don’t know the specific situation, I know they still have a good relationship.”

One representative stated, “Around the time the break-up news came out around January, they argued, sulked, and hesitated to contact each other like normal couples.”

Representatives from Park Min Young’s agency stated, “It is not true that she will get together with Lee Min Ho again. They are just friends who ask how the other is doing. From what we know, their inner circles are similar so they cannot end their contact suddenly. Their houses are close together so that seems to be the source of these rumors.”

Source: Donga via Nate, TV Report via Nate


40 thoughts on “Could Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young get back together?

  1. Oh… this news make my day happy again especially facing so many unhappy things at work! Wish MinMIn all the best and all the antis will stop disturbing their unbroken relationship…..!!

      • as much as some of us wants to hear LMH speak, i also think that LMH is not oblige to do so. it’s between him and PMY only. we do not know them in person nor see them when there is no camera and media around them.

        as fans, we can only wish good things for them. we support them in their hardwork as an actor and actress. but we cannot personally involve ourselves with their personal life.

  2. Her agency should shut up always without thinking telling reporters this that their living estates are nearby.Spill too many details out will do MY no good.Remains as friends is another theory.What will haters think oh my goodness war.

    • Yeah totally agree w u…besides the given reason is really ridiculous…they’re such a good friends tht right after the break-up they started to call,messaging,seeing each other…not even funny…but once again we found out tht we’re so right being sure abt MINMIN couple…yaaayyy…pity tht now they have to be much more careful …^_^

  3. Love will always won ^^ They can back together and always believe that lol
    Always proud of them and support them no matter what happen^^
    WHAT A SUPER HAPPY DAY MinMin Sister and Brother let’s get cheers lol

  4. They seem Happy at that time..,still,Park min young is my ☆PRIORITY☆…i want her to be happy;-)..i hope she can be with someone who care about her n love her.if Lee min ho is the one,i wish them all the happiness in the world.*
    ♀..i just think someone like
    (Lee Sun Joon/skks)would be PERFECT for her..:-P.i’m hoping…

  5. I don’t get those people who are not cool enough to accept this kind of news and yet, they still delurk in this blog. Geez, this is a MIN-MIN COUPLE’S BLOG folks! Those killjoys should take a backseat. As a shipper, I find it irritating to read some unreasonable comments here venting out their frustration about this whole reconciliation rumor. We are supposed to celebrate and not to aggravate issues haters love to push.

    I understand that some of the fans are just being protective for Minyoungie, because I do, but being too defensive for her sake is not always a good thing especially if you’re discussing it in an inappropriate corner. Over-reacting has its downfalls too! Going waaaaaaaay over-board in the name of your so-called “protection” can be annoying to the point that it already spoiling other shippers’ pleasure.


    “Why mind what other people have to say? Remember that those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


      • SALLY CHIN **

        Stop concealing your true identity, claiming that you are a “MINYOUNG FAN” because we know you’re not! We see through you girl so GET OUT! YOU CLEARLY DON’T BELONG HERE! This blog is for min-min shippers and you’re not! Go rant in your cave! We don’t need pathetic trolls like you in this blog!

  6. This news make my day even if the reconciliation news is untrue. ^^

    It’s just we’ve been experiencing peace and quiet these past months from the breakup news and haters finally cooled down the bashing of PMY but this news will ignite the fire of their hatred once again. I am afraid the fans of GHS will take it out on PMY on Twitter and repeat the fiasco in history awhile back.

    Sadly enough, GHS’ fans are shifting the blame to PMY and her agency for this news about MinMin, which is unfair because KK already denied it. Yet they still find reasons to bash PMY.

    I love MinMin but together or not, their relationship should be off limits to the public.

      • Ask him to date GHS.MR LEE FAULT is before that 3 years if he didn’t used his gentleman to her spotted with her together he attends her movie and artwork premiere tease her (Minsun videos evidence of them).Their shippers won’t keep daydreaming till one day they will be couples.Oh boils me.The war towards PMY Will be over then MY will rest in peace.Heartbreak again for MY.

      • Hey Sally aka the pathetic minsun shipper, can you at least proof-read your comment?! Gah! Reading this gives me migraine! Check your grammar first!

      • Quote From Sally

        Ask him to date GHS. MR LEE FAULT is before that 3 years if he didn’t used his gentleman to her spotted with her together he attends her movie and artwork premiere tease her (Minsun videos evidence of them).Their shippers won’t keep daydreaming till one day they will be couples.Oh boils me.The war towards PMY Will be over then MY will rest in peace.Heartbreak again for MY.

        Lee Minho spotted together with GHS? Ah really? As far as I remember, LMH went to GHS’s movie & artwork gallery with his BOF co-stars (Kim Joon and Kim Bum) which are GHS co-stars too. It’s normal to support our friends like what BOF stars did. Remember BOF drama was a big hit drama back then, so it’s nice to see them support each other after BOF ended (especially for BOF fans or maybe minsun fans).

        Lee Minho, Kim Joon went to GHS’s artwork gallery opening
        Lee Minho, Kim Bum went to GHS’s premiere movie “Magic”
        Lee Minho, Kim Bum Goo Hye Sun went to Kim Joon’s musical performance.
        Lee Minho, Kim Bum, Goo Hye Sun went to SS501 concert to support Kim Hyun Joong

        Maybe you want to add something? ^_^

        Lee Minho also went to support other actors movie premiere like Kim Soo Ro, Kim Kyung Min, Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Min Jung (oh wait, she’s LMH co-star in BOF! I think beside Lee Minho, other BOF co-stars didn’t attend Lee Min Jung Wonderful Radio’s movie premiere CMIIW 🙂 ), Lee Kwang Soo and he gave support to Park Min Young’s movie via video message.

        Dear Sally, are you really Park Min Young’s fans? But from your post it looks like you know minsun more than Park Min Young which is your bias.

  7. I luv this article….

    but …. the haters said that this news just to win beaksang….

    I just pray for their happiness either together or not….coz now after 2months I can accept their breakup news…but I hope they are together again….

    • Haters brain only think of negative points so sad for MY,Really can’t stop cyber user’s mouth,She’s going unlucky all through until now never good things happen about her.This scandal really kills her makinh her career downfall.Pls lah agency of her stop doing that it will makes things turns worst.Headache war.Baeskang Awards is not easy to get especially the popularity part there are so many nominee include Teens and adjumma favourite Park Shin Hye that people who always named her forever pure angel Goo Hye Sun yucks.

      • good lord! can u pls. re read what you posted? it gives me a migrane trying to comprehend what you wrote. You are one dimented individual. did you forget to take your meds today? just asking cause you are not making sense whatsoever.

  8. ooooooh peeps!
    feel like we are experiencing an earthquake right now.
    This news is good for my feeling, and you guys feeling as well.
    Because right at the beginning we understood exactly the same what this article said (about breakup and pressure). And although this article didnt include any proof, it shows we are not the only ones who believe in their love.
    However, I feel a little bit worry for MH and MY. this is inevitably bad news for both of them. less freedom and more cautions. More stalkers waiting for them on their doorsteps. more papz and reporters will have their eyes on the couple. To tell the truth I wish KingKong didnt say anything about their nearby houses. if only they would have simply denied all the rumor.
    We all understand that low-key, secret and down-to-earth are good for them at this point of time. thats why all MinMin are trying to protect them. Not sure whether they are ready to admit again right now.
    I can understand why you guys and I myself are cracked up with this news. after all, we have kept our belief alive strongly and this news honors our efforts. Therefore, lets cheer up but keep praying for MH and MY. Wish peace for them. and please keep protecting them from being detected as we are doing!

  9. Atta girl MsPurpleLee, and Les, I support u girls….keep up the good work and keep updating us about our fav MinMin. Just dn’t mind the haters and especially, MsSally. I guess she doesn’t belong here anyway,hehehe….To all the haters and MsSally keep away from this blog!!!

  10. I wish both Park min young(especially) n min ho can be happy..,whatever decision they made,i hope they can maintain a good relationship..n YOU>Sallychin, get the hell out of here.,u are not welcome here,.u should get a med. to cure your illness of JEALOUSY towards my Lovely Park min young..everyone here is Park min young supporter n minmin lover…B-)….u should know your place Sallychin:-Sget out!

  11. Je suis pour la vérité. Mais parfois la vérité doit être cachée.
    Je me demande si ces harceleurs qui s’en prennent à PARK MIN YOUNG et LEE MIN HO, ont une conscience ? Est-ce que le soir, ils s’endorment tranquillement ? Et je suppose que ces harceleurs ils ont une vie de famille, amoureuse et professionnelle, et qu’ils peuvent vivre tranquillement dans la paix, enfin c’est un grand mot, parce qu’ils doivent être habités par l’égoïsme et être dérangés mentalement pour qu’ils en viennent à harceler et à vouloir séparer un « couple ».
    Qui aime supporte tout et garde en toute circonstance la foi, l’espérance et la patience. Qui aime est patient et bon, il n’est pas envieux, ne se vante pas et n’est pas prétentieux ; qui aime ne fait rien de honteux, n’est pas égoïste, ne s’irrite pas et n’éprouve pas de rancune ; qui aime ne se réjouit pas du mal, il se réjouit de la vérité. Mais parfois pour protéger la vie ou ceux qu’on aime, il est nécessaire de mentir sur la vie privé, car toute vérité n’est pas publique. En effet, malheureusement dans la vie il y a des personnes qui ont parfois à faire à des gens au comportement immature et négatif pouvant nuire de différentes façons. Alors, garder l’espérance et courage car l’amour vrai est éternel. Et comme on dit : après la tempête le beau temps… Pour ma part, je continuerais à soutenir et à prier pour ce couple.
    I am the truth. But sometimes the truth must be hidden.
    I wonder if these stalkers taking Park MIN YOUNG and LEE MIN HO, have a conscience? What is the night they sleeping quietly? And I suppose that these stalkers have a life of family, love and professional, and that they can live quietly in peace, finally it is a great word, because they must be inhabited by selfishness and be mentally disturbed so they come to harass and to separate a “couple”.
    Who loves supports all and care in all circumstances the faith, hope and patience. That love is patient and good, it is not envious, not boasts, and is not pretentious; who loves does nothing of shameful, is not selfish, is not irritated and feel no grudge; who loves will welcome from evil, he welcomes the truth. But sometimes to protect the life or loved ones, it is necessary to lie about privacy, because truth is not public. Indeed, unfortunately in life there are people who have sometimes to people immature and negative behaviour which could damage in different ways. So keep hope and courage because true love is eternal. And as they say: after the good time… For my part, I will continue to support and pray for the couple.

  12. I’m on cloud nine after reading this news..Although it’s denied by both agencies, I just cannot control my unnecessary excitements and happiness.I was actually hoping for news about MinMin but not expecting that it would be this early after the so called breakup. I’m all giddy reading insiders’ comments. MinMin is so freaking real. Love them more.

  13. hahahaha… Miss Sally Chin!! BOOM!!! get caught baby???

    Ate les.. Thank u so much sa Update. kalerkkeey te… after months of silence about the break up.. ito na naman! ^_^ Kilig much!

  14. i really wish that lee min ho & park min young will reconciled again as a couple & to the “haters” i don’t understand why u hate them. pity on you guys. =(

    • They don’t hate MinMin. They hate MinYoung. They still retain some respect for Lee Minho because he could get with Goo Hye Sun,

  15. To allMinMin shippers, just don’t mind the haters. Anyway, am sure LMH and PMY don’t even know who the hell they are and they’re existence. So, the hell we care!!!

  16. Sally girl, this news or rumors about reconciliation must be killing you right? LOL!! your ilusions of Minho and your fav girl is again going in the drain. GIVE IT UP GIRL! your fantasy about your girl being a couple with minho will FOREVER be a FANTASY and will never be a REALITY! GET A LIFE! and start seing a shrink hehehe! then maybe you can accept what is real and fantasy. KAPISH?

    • If MinSun is having a relationship and what so-called it was, why lee min ho will dated park min young! is he two timer? Minsuns are pathethic why would they exsist if that so-called relationship ek ek is active. Are they day dreaming for WHAT? Wake up you idiot MINSUN fanatics. MinMins are REAL, and top of that i didnt read any articles from korea’s top websites like enews,dispatch,allkpop etc., Regarding that they admit their have a so-called relationship! Give us some proof relating on what untrue stories your making!! Ok,? GAH!! Even this year 2013 Minsuns are still ACTIVE i didnt know why and why they keep exsisting in their untrue stories. My Goodness!! Just let MiNMiN be.

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