MinMin shipping is all about mind Any reference to Audrey Hepburn is love but w/ Roman Holiday i flip! It’s funny and so damn adorable when fandoms collide..♥

Heartminmin pointed this out “Minho watching Roman Holiday on City Hunter” coincidence?lol

and of course the appearance of THE RING once again..

Most of the time i hold off assuming so many things yet its hard when its in your face. It makes me too hopeful and its going to be so difficult. MinMin wants us to go GAGA everytime they tweet. *sigh*  I find Minyoung liking classic things and she definitely loves traveling. As far as I can remember last year Minho went to Prague, hmm these two love Europe.

Whatever is happening at the moment im taking this with a grain of salt but ughhhhhhhhh i cant help but indulge in this wonderful shippy world


4 thoughts on “ROMAN HOLIDAY it is!

  1. OMG they really both love Europe..hehehe…No wonder because Europe is a romantic place…hehehehe..I’m so happy…so in love…

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