2012.02.03 Minho heads to US for Eider

Lee Minho’s off to San Francisco today for his Eider photoshoot (thanks Porcu for the tip). No wonder i received a handful of mentions on twitter and 5 messages on Weibo! 😛 MinMin shippers are ecstatic what if MY and MH will be secretly seeing each other in US! hehehe….we’ll see about that for now check out MH’s airport photos…♥

gosh Im a sucker for secret relationships..hehe *crossing my fingers*


22 thoughts on “2012.02.03 Minho heads to US for Eider

  1. I hope they will meet each other there:) I’m sure MH is looking forward for this trip as MY is in US. It is no wonder he look so happy and in his normal expression. He don’t look like someone who just broke up. What a ‘break up’:) I hope they manage to spent quality time with each other afte goong through alot. Minmin stay strong!!^^

  2. Maybe the break-up issue is just a public stunt! LOL! My shipping head tells me that the two are still secretly dating 😀 IT’S THE VALENTINE SEASON, right? HAHAHAHAHA


      • Yeah! I’m sure those HATERS will always bash MINMIN shippers with their comments about us, being “delusional fans” and everything , SO BE IT!


  3. I hope the reason for his smiles is still MY :)…
    God I really miss MinMin, I wana see them soon.. Let’s have faith with them and with God that everything will fall into place in God’s time.

    I will continously pray for their happiness.

  4. guyz please stop being mean!LMH IS NOT OURS TO OWN!love him,support him,pray for him and let him be his own man.He and PMY maybe a public figure but still let us give them a well deserve respect and privacy.My heart is bleeding up to now upon knowing that they broke up and i have ths feeling of denial.I still hoping and praying that the so said break up is just for the tri- media and for those who are not happy that they are indeed happy.LOVE!LOVE!LOVE!

  5. whooooah! I just thought that they really planned that, haha! good job MinMin!!! US is the right place for minmin to have a privacy and to avoid the antis… hmmmm, I just hope some fan caught them dating there and take a picture as well, oh! but if it happens, antis will get crazy again.. aiiishhhh.. just be happy minmin couple! ^^

  6. It can’t be just a coincident…they’re both in a neutral area…not sure abt valentine but when u’re in love everyday is a valentine thus wish them all da best love MinMIn!

  7. On Valentine he’ll be in Japan fanmeeting…they can celebrate it in advance….he used to wasn’t so much connected to his mobile but now they’re unseperable w his white BB similar to MY…they both will decide ant their next project it looks like they decided to work and rest 2gether…MinMIn fighting:)

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