[OPEN THREAD] Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Break-up. How True?

A post by: HeartMinMin

Although the agency’s of of Park Min Young & Lee Min Ho have confirmed the breakup of the couple, the story they provided will make one wonder that how much truth is there to their ‘breakup’. Is KingKong bossing around? Is it an effort to provide the couple relaxation from media limelight?

Ask me and I’ll blame it KingKong Entertainment. After the hate & bashing that Minyoung received on twitter, fans of the actress started requesting the agency to protect her from the haters. As a result KingKong stepped forward to save it’s image & image of it’s actress & took things under it’s control.

With antis turning crazier after seeing Minyoungs ring pic, KingKong asked Park Minyoung to delete that tweet, she got pissed cuz of such high level of censorship & deleted all other tweets as well except ‘with lots of love’ for Minho to rub it on the face of the haters (lmaoo..way to go Minyoungie!). Next KingKong had to take initiative to protect it’s reputation & it’s actress from this non-stop hate circus, so after Minyoung left for US, it extended her break from one month to three months & announced the breakup with help of a fake story, without discussing the matters with Minyoung, Minho or StarHaus.

KingKong started controlling Minyoung by first extending her break from one month to three months & then giving out a ‘breakup’ statement on it’s own without discussing matters with StarHaus. No wonder StarHaus was all surprised initially & said that MinMin are doing fine & the breakup is not true else Lee Minho would tell them about it.

POINT TO BE NOTED – Lee Minho or his agency had no idea about this ‘breakup’ news coming up (this is why Minho had posted a happy smiling pic on his twitter a day before). Why they had no idea about it? Why did KingKong take liberty to make a move on it’s own?

Next is after StarHaus became aware that KingKong had already released the statement it contacted Lee Minho and he talked to Minyoung on how to go about it. Minyoung probably had no idea what her agency is upto so she discussed matters with them and then told Minho that KingKong is making controlling moves & they have no choice except to play along. Then Minho talked to SH and admitted to the ‘breakup’ & requested his agency to show his & Minyoungs relationship in friendly light. On getting confirmation from Minho, StarHaus became defensive towards it’s actors image & released a statement saying they were in ‘getting to know each other’ phase so there can’t be any breakup & MinMin are ‘back being friends’.

KingKong’s statement on 25th January –

‘Minyoung broke up with Minho during December that’s why they went to separate awards’

KingKong’s statement as on December 30th –

Firstly, on the reasons why Min Young chose to attend the KBS awards, her agency representative said that her role in Glory Jane is meatier and she appears more frequently than City Hunter. Glory Jane is also a more recent work. When asked about Lee Min Ho, the representative said, “That’s another story. Both of them are still dating well.”



-MinMin went to CH crew New Year party on 4th January

– Park Minyoung posted a ‘brightly smiling’ selca pic on twitter where she was happily & subconsciously showing her beloved ring on 14th January 

– Minho attended Seoul Music Awards on 19th January where he was all ‘happy & smiling’

– Lee Minho again a posted happy & smiling selca pic on 24th January, a day before ‘breakup’ news

Does any of the above scenario anywhere proves that the couple broke up in December? These things certainly don’t support KingKong’s ‘December breakup story’.

Another thing, why did KK wait for ‘ring fiasco’ to happen if they had already ‘broken up’ in December? Why was that ring even there after the ‘breakup’?

KingKong had the ‘breakup’ story ready but StarHaus had no story to tell –

WHY? If there’s a breakup then both the agencies should know about it & their story should be the same then why only Kingkong was the one telling the story & StarHaus was following the league as if it had no idea of its own on what to say? Why there was no coordination between both the agencies? Because MinMin never broke up, KingKong cooked story of it’s own as it’s controlling Minyoung & StarHaus certainly wasn’t informed about this story cuz KK didn’t think it was necessary this just proves how strongly KingKong is dominating. It was natural for SH to act protective towards Minho. Pretty immature of KK to act this way.

No credible sources to back up agencys claim –

Where’s DISPATCH? Inside sources? Close friends? Anyone who can varify or comment on this ‘breakup’? How ‘natural’ was this ‘breakup’ that no one knows about it, not even Minho? Looks like initially even Minyoung had no idea about it.

If we show them proofs on how vigorously MinMin have been dating will they get us MinMins statement on this ‘breakup’? We want a valid explanation (if there’s any) & not ‘busy schedule’ bullcrap.

‘Busy schedule’ as the reason for breakup –

Is that even a reason? That too when there are proofs & pics showing how MinMin throw everything aside just to meet & be with each other? FAIL! EPIC FAIL!!

CONCLUSION – There’s no solid ground to prove that the breakup actually happened. It’s more like a cover to protect the couple from the media & haters. KingKong is lying through & through, controlling Minyoung & StarHaus is following the league. Minyoung has no choice but to follow KK for sake of her career & Minho is quiet cuz this is the only way to protect Minyoung from crazy antis so that she can focus on her work till the time they aren’t fully ready to go public with their relationship.

Minhos schedule is quiet busy while his other half is relaxing for a while (not sure in US or in Korea) before she returns back to work. Everyone here stay put & keep supporting MinMin. Leave everything on time & trust MinMin & their love cuz their love for each other will pull them through all the odds….




70 thoughts on “[OPEN THREAD] Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Break-up. How True?

  1. whoaaaah!!!! thumbs up for you lessss!!!! you really really did a great job! I hope Kingkong will read your blog.. What you have stated here is absolutely true. We have the same feeling and other Minmin shippers about that break up, that it isn’t true… and from my opinion, they are still together until now, maybe kingkong did this kind of action to protect MY but they should talk first to Minho’s agency before saying anything to the media..

  2. In my opinion, they aren’t breaking up…I don’t know why…i just know one thing, they are so in love…Trust me..Check out on City hunter press conference…They are so in love.

    • i agree with they just want to protect they just want to protect pmy form the haters and basher immature selfish fans… they dont want them to be happy, i love min min couple hope they relationship will last longer even they are pairing to other celebrity

  3. Ohyesss! Really thanks Heartminmin! You soo great. Thumbs up for a wonderful blog. Thank You also Les that you keep on updating us :-bd We, MinMin shippers really have the same thoughts. At first when I saw thsi break-up thingy, I was like “What?! Oh really, just yesterday or the other days they were okay and now they broke up? What the? HAHA. Their agencies were really inconsistent about their break-up, that they were just lying.”


    MinMin always FIGHTING! I, WE, SUPPORT Y’ALL :DDD ❤

  4. Totally agreed what u said, i will keep supporting MInmin forever due to i love them all the times. and i think there is no one more suitable for Minmin each other. ^^

  5. Thanks Heart *hugs*

    I’m the type of person who likes to worth w/ cold facts and i dont like to delude myself in thinking otherwise if a statement screams “TRUTH”. I hate to argue with official news because its futile, i just leave things as it is and wait for further development HOWEVER, something is not right in this breakup circus.

    My stand is still 50/50 just because i want to guard Park Minyoung and my heart in this fiasco just in case the wind doesnt blow in our favor. Nonetheless, i’ll look closer into this because I do believe in the possibility of this being a fake break up. A few days ago someone told me something but I am so not willing to share it publicly until verified. I dont like rumors that are not well verified….gosh this will be a long and rough road for us. Amanda and I will probably pull a sherlock holmes on this.LMAOOO


  6. I posted the same thoughts on the other forum this morning. I think I just can’t settle myself with this breakup so I have to say it or write it. I’m glad someone share the same thoughts as I have.

    For those who closely follow the couple would defintely spot the suspicious sequence of events. PMY deleting all her tweets says so much about this. I can’t say I blame Kingkong Ent as I believe they are doing their job to protect PMY. We all know how much PMY suffered these past few months from these antis and haters. I just couldn’t think of much better way to “free” PMY from this burden but to “stage” a break-up. This would give the couple (yes, I still call them a couple) the space they need.

    I don’t know what to think really. But that “Feeling” I had when I first saw them together in CH won’t leave me even after the break-up news. Something is telling me to hold-on.

    BTW, if some antis/haters happen to read our conspiracy theory they will go mad again. To hell with them!

    • So agree with you and esp abt the feeling we got watching them first time 2gether in CH…we have already seen him in other dramas with lots of other actresses but he never looked at them as to MY…Love is in the air…i was waiting smth to happen after this twitter pic scandal thus i do keep my hope on their love since both of them wantied so much to have smb by their side ,to love ,both of them are romantic thus they can’t break-up so easily.MinMIn 🙂

  7. City hunter is being watch here in Philippines.. A lot of fans decided to watch it…I also know that minmin are not breaking up. their agencies announced it but not the couple. so, the truth is always in them.

  8. Some more thoughts about “Busy schedule” alibi:

    Remember that news from Dispatch when PMY and LMH were caught dating? Do you remember the dates metioned there? The day PMY came back from Hawaii and the day LMH left and came back from LA? I think these two will find every possible time they have to meet up. So that busy schedule thing is not so convincing. Besides, PMY is now on long holiday and LMH is only busy with fan meeting and probably CF photoshoots which I don’t think will take up most of his time. Why break-up now when they now have plenty of time to see each other????

    Oh yeah, I read some article about LMH not able to graduate this Feb due to a lot of missed classes. I didn’t even know he’s taking up courses. Oh well, maybe this is what he’s being busy about. OK then, study first, date later LOL!

  9. waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!…this made me JUMP and SHOUT for joy!!!! i never give up on MINMIN couple!..i knew from the start,there’s something behind that “break-up” issue!!HATERS NEVER WIN!…. thanks a Lot Leslielei…im sure Your Blog made millions of MINMIN couple fans very hapy!… please keep us posted.. *muwah!… MINMIN HWAITING!!!!! ❤ (re-watching City Hunter for 3rd time…)i just cant get enough with MINMIN! what ever happens… lets keep the MINMIN spirit ALIVE!!:)

  10. I might say, you really has a point, from the start talaga, there’s something wrong na. HINDI NAGKAKATUGMA PINAGSASABI NILA.

  11. oh thanks so much hope that park min young come back soon to facethe truthabout them we are waiting for you guys PMY and LMH to say the truth to the public so that HATERS will shut their mouth out of it we love you minmin couple we will always be yngatz godbless

  12. I don’t want to hope that they are still together because it may hurt me even more if Min Young and Min Ho will confirm the break up news themselves. But the other part of me was really saying that this break up is absolutely a ploy to protect them against the public. I visited all the pics, videos and articles that I gathered for the last 6 months of their relationship. I don’t think they will give up on each other easily. I know that feelings can change but it takes time. It’s not possible that after not seeing each other for a while will make their feelings vanished.
    Here are some of the instances that make me believe that they really love each other and they are still together.
    1. They tweeted the same tweet at the same day.(Jan.15, 2012)
    2. Min ho’s interview in Cantata CF saying that no. 1 on his list is to be a good boyfriend that can comfort his girlfriend when she’s in pain.
    3. Min Young’s acceptance speech @KBS Drama Awards 2011 saying that she wanted to thank the people that she loves. (If they already broke up at that time, she should have only said “thanks to my family and friends”.
    4. I saw the smile on Min Ho’s face after hearing Min Young’s name from one of the fans on the awards night where he won Best Actor and Best Hallyu Star Awards. It’s as if he’s very proud that Min Young was his gf and no one can’t take her away from him.


  13. Oh shoot! This girl above lost her way! You know what, you don’t belong here and we, min-min shippers don’t welcome “illiterate” fans like you who find pleasure bashing other people. Please, don’t waste your time. There’s no room for gatecrasher here!!!

    NOTE : It’s DELUSIONS, NOT “DILLUSIONS” 😀 Aigoo! Instead of wasting your freaking time, trolling in this blog, why don’t you study more and exert your effort on learning English. *sigh*

  14. Delusion? Where? We have valid reasons to back up what we say along with the proof & the fact that MinMin love each other, but there are no valid reasons to prove that they ever broke up. We aren’t being delusional but logical.

    Delusion is what Minsun is, pushing two people together on basis of the matching crap since past three years when the two people involved have time & again denied having any relationship. Get your facts right before you type or don’t show up here, you make yourself look like a joke with the way you talk.

  15. chessy but I cry reading all your great analysis and yes I’m new in shipping them but I feel like I ship them ever since when they are ‘still’ a public couple :’D
    dont ever lose your faith on them, everything is just seem so right, you guys all know better than me about their vids, pics, and everything 🙂

  16. cheer up everyone!!…look I found somehing..lee min ho smiles at the recent picture of him last january 24 ’12 how cute…if you are in pain you just can’t smile brightly as that, right? what about the ring of min young in the picture last jan 14? isn’t it obvious to see two person who are in love? these couple will speak soon.. we know that..Lets just hope that there will be a CITY HUNTER season 2 and it’s not just about action..lets jump to the real world of love…GO MINMIN…FOREVER…God knws how they love each other..I also hope that MY & MH can spare some time to read all of our comments and made them realize to speak.. ❤ minminforever

  17. So true…..i thought at frst tht its me who can’t bear this break-up story but its so pleasant to know tht we all intelligent and objective ppl think alike.MinMin fighting forever!!!!!!

  18. waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!:teary:
    WHAT A RELIEF!!!:))
    i’m so happy upon reading your blog!…
    i really didn’t know this break up thing..until my HighSchool classmate told me.. just yesterday… i’m kind of.. OH.. I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!… but when I surfed the net.. OMG! lots of news about their break-up… and then i saw a news saying.. their break up is Untrue!! i was so confused…. Who the hell is telling the Truth?…. my college classmate and I couldn’t say any words but… Break-Up? NO WAY!!!…. NO WAY!!..NO WAY!!! if they really break up, let’s tell them to be together again! haha.. we’re kind of :sobbing:..haha…..

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! now i know the story behind this break up rumors!…
    yah! i agree! reason why they broke up is Busy Schedule… so STUPID!:>

    I’m hoping for another MIN MIN drama….:))

  19. Oh well Im not a fan of MinMin but the news break up for me was untrue. For me, Kingkong was trying to protect actress Minyoung to those haters bashing her thru Twitter. Is it nice to read those? Of course not.. As a girlfriend it hurts so much to read comments about your relationship with someone. Why do fans do that? because they wanted MinHo to be with someone else? so pathetic right? He’s inlove and he’s happy with her. Fans Just be happy with them. It’s MinHo and Minyoung will spend time together not US. LEAVE THEM ALONE AND BE HAPPY WITH THEIR REALATIONSHIP. ACCEPT THE TRUTH THAT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!

    • I agree with you.. Why can’t we just wish them happiness after all the hard work they have done to make their fans happy. I totally agree with you. More Power

      • Thank you! ! Im just really sad about Minyoung. She dont deserved this. I hope Fans from the other camp will stop bashing her!! Too bad they belong in Showbiz industry. Wish her happiness that a woman would have.

    • i totally agree with you too! love minyoung ang minho, they deserved to be happy like ordinary person to love and to be love

  20. I so… appreciate your article… I just love this couple so much…. I felt so sad hearing the news.. but now you really made my day.. I LOVE MINHO and MINYOUNG.. I wish them LOVE and Happiness and forever if possible… I surely visit this site often to be updated of the news you bring.. More Power and thank you.

  21. ..yes ! i agree..i can’t believe they broke up easily like that…after i read about there break ups..i got so sad..i always look there pictures and videos together…how can they easily give up when you show to them their love on there eyes.. they are always making smile that only the two of them knows wats the meaning…i hope watever the issue is still there love for each other stays .. cause a lot of minmincouple will sad if might happen..i’m a minmincouple fan..hoping to see them together again and clear things up and hope this time there agencies will allow them to decide on there own…always be happy MIN YOUNG & MIN HO..

  22. I really love Min Ho and Min Young and since my friends kept telling me that they broke up before I got an ample time to watch city hunter i get more curious. I watched City Hunter and began to love this couple since then I’ve been searching for some proves that they really broke up but I am not convinced on what the agencies are telling. It’s been 3 months since that issue I hope Min Ho and Min Young are okey. Love against all odds. How Sweet! Kilig to the bone marrow keke~

  23. its so true they are really amazing guys, i love min young and min ho wish them happiness god bless you guys, more blessings and hope to see you again together for another drama like city hunter, thanks!

  24. this blog really made me happy :)) akala ko kasi wala na talaga ang MINMIN couple.. thanks sayo 😀 favor, keep us updated, ok? sayo lang nakasalalay ang news namen or updates tungkol sa minmin couple. i’m a big fan of this couple :)) i really really love them.. hope their love for each other will last forever!! PART 2 OF CITY HUNTER PLEASSEEE ❤

  25. yah i agree !minmin couple ‘break up ‘new arent true.. if its true or not im always be a fan of minmin couple ♥♥

    • hello. nice to meeto you. are true. that they are not broke-up? they are still couple? until now??? o yes . i like min min couple very much 🙂

  26. Hello guys wow!!katunayan po bago lang po akong MinMin lovers,shit,bat late bloomer ako huhuhuhuhu kasi nung pinalabas siya gabing gabi na ee may pasok pa ko so di ko mapapanuod :'(( now i know kung baket pinagpupuyatan ng mga kaklase ko to GRABEE konting episodes pa lang ang napapanuod ko naHOOKED na ako kaagad hehe kaya dahil sa “curiousity” ko sa palabas na yun hehe niresearch ko kaagad at nagulat ako kasi may NAMUO palang “pagiibigan” sa kanila HAHA yeaaa soooooobrang late na ko sa balita hehe pero I HOPE SILA ANG MAGKATULUYAN kasi kitang kita mo talaga lalo na sa mga BTS na may spark talaga ee may “something” hehe basta I SO SOOO LOVE THIS COUPLE!!!
    PS:Sobrang “bow” po ako sa blog niyo.Sobrang galing mong observer :-)) Yea tama ka,IF YOU ARE A TRUE FAN,SUPORTAHAN MO NA LANG YUNG IDOL MO KUNG SAN MAN SIYA HAPPY.whatever happens will support these two FOREVER!!park min young and lee min ho forever!!!!! 🙂

  27. if ever they do get married…i wish she can give lee min ho a beautiful baby in the future….something lee min ho can be proud of to show to the media ….

  28. I definitely believe that these two dont broke up, kitang kita sa mga mata pa lang nila! My Gawd nakakabaliw until now , siguro this time or maybe next time or in time ika nga eh hindi lang as couple Gf/bf baka Marriage na ang iannounce nila hahah 😀 giddy much im really happy im shipping this two as in grabe ! Utang na loob mga MinSun stop spreading the untrue stories wala na kayo makukuha pa, tsaka ito bigla lang ako napaisip one time kung totoo nagkaroon ng relationship sila MINSUN why Lee Min ho will dated MINYOUNG? Anu yon Two Timer? And there is no any confirmation regarding MINSUN, may oh may !! Tama na po please baka pwede naman po maging masaya nalang tayo sa MINMIN na until now 2013 eh getting strong parin, at mas blooming ngayon si Minyoung. ~~~ HATERS IN YOUR DREAMS!!!

  29. Until now, I don’t believe that they really broke up! The spirit of MinMin is still within us and to Minho and Minyoung, we will forever support you..Let’s keep on fighting Minmin shippers..Thumbs up for this blog! I appreciate it a lot..Your observation for our beloved couple is so amazing..We are all part of this journey..And for the last part of my message, I was so happy when they updated their SNS last week 130821-22 for MY and 130823 for MH..We are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary, right? Oh! I really love them..To Heartminmin and Leslie, thank you guys..You did a great job! 2013 is not too late to update and maybe for the rest of upcoming years..Love MINMIN!

  30. very good explain n conclusion. This is what I heard either. had some hater wit PMY when they r together. wow! KK ,,,, lucky MH understand. No wonder, he said if he have girl friend. he want to keep secrete for safe n protecting her. I believe they r still together. cos when read the rumor. in my though really doesn’t make sense their broke up. I have a pict MH with MY. I keeps it. I saw in the pict that MH met her after he worked cause I saw his eyes look tired. and his hair really same hairs I when MH during Heirs drama n his clothing too. so it means those pict are true. it’s new. and they r still together. tQ MinMin.


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