It’s Official: Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho’s Agencies Confirm Break Up

if there’s one thing i love about Soompi is the fact they have decent articles to translate.

We reported earlier today about Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s breakup.

After days of speculations and rumors, their respective agencies have finally spoken up.

Park Min Young’s agency was the first to step up and released an official statement earlier, saying, “It’s been a while since they saw each other. It was really embarrasing for her to just go and reveal their break-up, and she didn’t want to put her agency in a sticky stituation. So, she held the news a little longer. Also, because of her busy schedule, it was almost impossible for her to even rest. She had to film KBS’s ‘Glorious Jane’ while Lee Min Ho was busy with his activities overseas and CFs. We knew that both were really busy to even catch up with each other.”

Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus still remained silent as to whether the star couple had really broken up and decided to wait and to confirm the information. A representative of Starhaus stated, “Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are back to just being friends and have indeed parted ways.”

Park Min Young’s agency added when asked to confirm the information, “The news of their breakup
is the truth.” Their respective agencies revealed, “Although both stars met during the filming of hit drama ‘City Hunter’ where their feelings for each other grew, their busy schedules kept them from seeing each other often. It seems that they naturally grew apart.”

They further explained, “Lee Min Ho pursued promotional activities overseas immediately after the end of ‘City Hunter’ while Park Min Young was busy filming for her next project ‘Glorious Jane,’ and because of these circumstances they didn’t have time to spend time together.”

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young played the main parts in SBS drama “City Hunter” and their relationship evolved from being friends and co-workers to being lovers.

The news of them being in a relationship was revealed last August.

credit: news

Shyangz emailed me this from Yonhap news about this official statement as of 4pm. For now i’ll let this be and damn I love SOOMPI for putting up a balance news. Now i wonder those earlier statements are true or what.nonetheless…i hope both will find happiness. If they are to remain friends then anything is possible. Though a part of me thinks something is a bit fishy i dont want to put much thought for now as my shippy heart may be so gay. Im waiting for some MM shippers essay comments on Baidu bar and also overseas MM FANS.

Just a piece of thought, I know this is such a hard time for all but so far im proud how shippers are taking this. We exist because of them and we do not feed our happiness on antis. I wonder what are your thoughts on this.. ^^


61 thoughts on “It’s Official: Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho’s Agencies Confirm Break Up

  1. Im a bit hurt. Like what I have said to you, my heart bleeds for MY. We all know she sacrificed a lot. She’s been receiving hateful and foul messages up to this day from her antis but she took it all. But life has to go on. I am thankful Minmin made me happy for 5 to 6 months. Goodluck to all of us and nice knowing all of you.

    • I agree with you, MY is the “loser” here, after months of just taking in all the insults. I think LMH has a bigger part on the break up , maybe at the end MY can’t take LMH silence anymore about the issues. But my shippy heart still want a happy ending…


  2. A bit sad, but i’m happy for them as long as they’re happy.
    Yeah, I, too think that something’s fishy hahaha,
    well if sth’ll happen it happen, if not, just let it be like this :)))
    I’m so proud for being MM shippers and get to know many good friends – someone like you les
    :)) – from the love of Min young and Min ho
    Will continue to support their work till the end!
    I sincerely love both of them either by individual or by couple status
    THX minmin! Thx minmin shippers ❀

  3. Totally agree with you that anything is possible since they have decided to remain as friends!
    Believe the pressure was just too much, if I have to point down to 1 reason for the breakup.
    I don’t think “no time to see each other” is a cause/reason for breakup, as there are couples who break up even if they see each other any other day. It has been used too often as an excuse whenever there is a break up. Truthfully for me, if I manage to get together with a guy that I really like, you would have to kill me first before I would break up with him in just 6 mths (it kinda of exaggerating, but that’s the kind of feelings I wanna convey)
    However if an announced break up will allow them to be in contact without pressure whether as friends or otherwise, I would say “Go for it!”
    Till the day they walk down the aisle with their other half, I wouldn’t say the possibilty of them being together is zero. If they don’t walk down the aisle with each other, we can still look back and think “Those were the days when they had made such a sweet & adorable couple…” Such thoughts would always bring a smile to our faces.
    Thanks Les for providing this space to gather all MinMin shippers to come together and share our love for the cp and not forgetting the angst. Your hardwork is much very much appreciate…and may all of us keep on hoping….:)

  4. Whatever it is minmin couple will forever be one of my happiness. I’m greatful that because of them I had smile on my everyday, I found people like me who adore minmin couple.

    There’s a purpose for this and I hope it will turn things fine.

    Will continue praying for minmin’s happiness!

    Everything is possible! Everything will fall into place in God’s time…

  5. I commend MH for letting MY ‘s side announced first. Imagine if it’s the other way around. Even with MY announcement first I still read some very hateful, spiteful comments towards MY. It proves that haters will always hate, dating or no dating.

    Part of me glad that MY/MH now can focus on their career without any burdens since they’re only 25 and 24, part of me is sad because they seemed genuinely happy when they were together. Whatever the real circumstances are, I believe they thought and talked about it long and hard, maybe that’s the reason why MY extended her “break” from 1 to 3 months. I believe MY gave her everything to it, took all the bashing and I’d like to think that she had no regrets and wouldn’t have it any other way even though this didn’t end up in happy ending. Remember she said she’ll travel the path that makes her happiest, if this is the path she chose, we just have to accept it.

    I still have some lingering questions in my mind regarding the whole situation, but only time will tell. In the mean time, I hope they remain friends, be successful and find happiness in the end.

  6. ='( i feel like….haih…. i mean….it’s just….too soon πŸ˜₯ seriously reminiscing back then when the two look so happy and giddy and in love with each other ='( such a cliche reason for the break-up but then…I hope for the best for them and maybe, JUST MAYBE, they really are meant for each other and the the time will come soon =’) but lucky for us we’re not as lunatic and idiotic and unreasonable like minsun fans which Im pretty sure having a good time celebrating this news which makes no sense at all! πŸ˜€

  7. Koala’s blog states that the breakup happened in late 2011, which explains the reason that both had refused to attend the SBS drama awards together for a chance to snag the ‘Best Couple’ award.

    I cannot say I am surprised because I had predicted this breakup to happen, but not as soon as this however. MinMin just bear the resemblance to Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo way too much in regards to keeping their relationship low-key, refusing to talk about each other, having a huge fanbase of antis (BiKyo and MinSun fans) hoping that the couples will break up.

    Let a lesson be learned that in the future if celeb couples date after a drama:

    1. Keep the dating a secret. If caught by news, deny everything. Don’t confirm to allow the public to pay attention to their private lives.
    2. If admitting to dating, open up about it. Don’t play the same old -Let’s keep the relationship private and refuse to answer questions about the other- This just allows the antis and media to speculate the authenticity of their relationship in the first place. Stress and the prying of the media usually plays a huge factor in any breakup.

  8. 😦
    I just hope whatever their decision, it was the best for MY & MH
    And how come I still see hate msg toward MY? As if it’s not enough >.<

  9. I have to say that I am disappointed that LMH has said nothing about their relationship and stepped up for PMY. How can a real man let his woman suffer and not do anything to protect her? Now that they are no longer together, I hope PMY will find someone who shows more respect and love for her.
    (I apologize for my emotional words. I just feel sad and disappointed.)

  10. I heard the news while I was listening to one of my favorite MinMin songs. Couldn’t come up with a better reason to break up but trotted out the old cliche,busy sked….lmao I don’t buy it.
    MY’s deleted tweets probably was to not make the breakup”move” an obvious contradiction. The greatest truths are the simplest !
    There had been too much pressure on MinMin’s private life.Since MinMin chose to protect it this way then I’ll go a long with it for the love I have for the two and want to see them happy. I still have faith in them and I will continue to support them/individually no matter what.

    MinMin Fighting!!!

  11. so its really true?so sad …its hard to accept ……util the end MH didn’t say anything about the relationship …MY was the only one giving hint …. i feel sorry for her about her christmas wish that didn’t happen walking holding hands with her boyfriend..i hope they just doing this to mislead us about the real truth…what do you think Leslie? trully painful if the break up is really true..

  12. so…you’re gonna close this blog? πŸ˜₯ i can’t believe this. They re meant to be! sigh,but you’ve worked really hard admin ^^ its been great reading about minmin news! πŸ™‚

  13. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh. Is this really true?! NOOO. I feel so sad and a bit disappointed coz LMH remained silent …. HMMM. And the reason was just busy schedules? O c’mon [sorry for my words, I’m just really. HAHA] If you really love someone, no matter what, you still have TIME for him/her, coz TIME is one of the most important thing you can give to your loved ones. And based on their actions, sweetness, they really love each other. How come they would just break-up coz of this reason? HMMM. Still, confused. Last Jan 24,2012, I just read the article that their break-up is untrue and then after 2 days, it’s already TRUE? Ugh. And they haven’t confirmed it yet right? Like the time they confirmed their relationship publicly. But now, their agencies are the ones who are saying about it, but where are they? HMMM. Still believe in them! They’re still a normal person who just want their lives to have privacy too. Still support the both of them! Honestly, they are my FIRST favorite Korean Couple, they really have chemistry and that magic I feel whenever I see them together. Kyaaah. I will never believe the news until the both of them will announce it publicly. HAHA. I love them so much, an inspiration for me Ohpleasse, I’M still hoping it’s not true. For now, i believe this as just RUMOR :))


  14. during the kbs event when PMY attended, the company said that they are still dating well. im confused. There are articles saying that PMY and LMH are already broke up during the event?

    • So doesn’t that tell you something is fishy?? To top it all, CH’s director tweeted that there was a gathering for CH’s team early Jan, and all actors/actresses made it to the gathering. Now it’s even more fishy isn’t it??? MinMin posting selcas online with smiles on their faces recently….hmmm…weird….. Being busy is definitely a weak reason for the break up…seriously.
      Just take things at the face value, they have officialy break up. But what’s the truth, what’s happening beneath all this fiasco, only MinMin will know and time will tell…

      • yes. I believe that LMH will not let go PMY easily. It feels like the antis are Lee Jin Pyo.haha. I read that article about the director posting why PMY did chose to attend KBS award and at the end of that the agency of PMY said that they are still dating well.

      • and also about the ring when PMY posted her selca. Maybe both parties want to ged rid of the antis.

      • Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo had also broken up in late 2010 but their agencies lied that they were still dating well, when in reality then had broken up already, in order to keep it a secret from fans. The breakup news hadn’t been announced since March 2011.

        Starhaus and KingKong knew that MinMin has a huge fan following so to avoid displeasure, they could very well lie that MinMin were still dating back in January 2012, when they could have broken up. That is also a possibility.

  15. i still think this is a lie.. yknow to cover up their private dating lives. There are so many antis.. It is possible. just sayin.

  16. Whatever the cause maybe. I know we all still want a happy ending for the two of them. But honestly, I kinda felt sad and a little bit happy ( EVIL, LOL!! ) because I really do dream about being in Min Ho’s situation. But i felt sad for my dream girl Min Young, I know it is too painful for her to be in that position. I want to be like Hye Sun’s fans but I can’t say anything bad to her cause she’s not the one started though. I want to bash her too for her fans to feel the same feeling we have right now. But I really can’t ( maybe because I am born a good person LMAO! ) :p
    I really want a happy ending :(( and I want my idol Min Young to be happy.
    I wish that this news was just only to stop those issues spreading about my beatiful Min Young ( ”MY” LOL )..
    I really hope that they’ll be back together. Even though i envy Min Ho for being the guy that Min Young likes 😐 but I still see that they are a perfect couple like what they portraited in their drama ‘City Hunter’.

    MinMin fighting!! πŸ™‚
    Just be careful always my beautiful Min Young! I’m always here πŸ™‚ i love you!!! ( hope that she can read this πŸ˜€ )
    and for Min Ho, the nxt time this happens -.-” I’LL KILL YOU MYSELF!!!! πŸ™‚ its not hard getting to korea :)))))

  17. grrrrrrr. I really hate this day -.-” i just heard the news about my dream girl Min Young and now I missed the episode where she will be seen the 2nd time :/
    can anyone please give me a wish or just grant it please. I really wish to be Min Ho right now. And i’ll fight for my Min Young! I really wish that to happen 😦 grrrrrr. I really hate it!!!
    And by the way, there are some rumors that I just heard that Min Young did plastic surgery? I cant take it out of my mind. Even though I am not believing, I still want some proofs :)) but even though she really had plastic surgery. I still dont care. :>
    MinMin fighting!!!!!

  18. The End…… How sad….. Nauwi sa wala….

    Paano na ngayon ang Ship? Palubog na or lumubog nang buo? What do we do now? Where do we go from here? I was hoping pa naman that now they finally have time for each other…

    What is love without time, what is time without love? Now I’m suddenly reminded of that song by Nonoy ZuΓ±iga, so poetic but sad and true.


  19. cheer up, guys. if it’s any consolation, at least their agencies have said that the two remain friends. in fact, SH even confirmed the break up by saying: the two have gone back to being friends. normally, break-up announcements just end with, “and the two have split” or “the two have parted ways.” if they have broken up since late last year, it’s a good sign that they’re getting along well if they still attended the CH party together.

    just because they’re friends now doesn’t mean that they can’t be together in the future. if they’re really meant to be, they will be. there’s no way they can escape each other’s presence because they have a lot of friends in common and are likely to work in the same networks again, where they’ll have to see each other in awards shows and showbiz events.

    besides, it’s true that their relationship was just starting out when the crazy minoz started bashing MY. MY’s only human and the pressure could’ve been too much to take. that could’ve been the reason, as well, why her agency was the first to announce the break-up.

    there’s also the other angle that this could just be a ploy to drive away antis. but then again, i don’t wanna be too hopeful…if someday they decide to announce that they’re getting back together, i’ll be jumping up and down for joy. but, if they decide to be with other people, i’ll still continue to support them. in any case, i’ll always be happy that they became a real couple because, if not for that, i wouldn’t have made new friends like my fellow minmin supporters like leslie πŸ™‚

  20. I really do want a happy ending. No! I dont want MY to be with other guy. Even though I am not a match maker or etc., I still see it in them that they`re fit to be together. I really want to :))) I really am hoping. I really do ! =)))))

    MinMin Fighting !!!

    I really hope that they`ll find a way to stop those anti’s for bashing innocent Min Young 😐

    MinYoung Fighting !!! ^_^

  21. They were really my first favorite Korean Couple! I love them seeing on and off screen and they are really sweet when they are together, there’s a magic in their eyes especially the way MinHo looks at MinYoung. Kyaaaah. I know someday TIME will come that we’ll know the truth. they are in Showbiz world here there can be many rumors will be thrown to them. Sooo … I still have a HOPE and if it really happened, as thy have said that they’re still friends, they can get along with each other again and get to know more each other :))) I’m still WISHING until they are not speaking. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

    I’m really confused. Kyaaaah. Different articles saying about them, some said it’s true, some no -__- And still, I’m thinking of other reason why this thing is happening is that because of their HATERS. Amp. HAHA. But I won’t HATE their HATERS because I don’t wan to be like them πŸ˜€


  22. Honestly, Im just new to wordpress this January and the reason why I discovered this blogsite is because of MinMin Couple. Hmmmm. I’m still really wishing his break-up wasn’t true.

      • Yeah, me too. I really do hope that`s true.
        Even though we cant say that Min Ho`s the best for Min Young. And even though there are still other`s better than him. I would go to support Min Ho to be with Min Young. I really do, I also felt the love within them whenever I watch them. They`re act was sooooooooo TRUE TO LIFE. That time when Min Ho kissed him on the rooftop on episode 9. I really felt that it was so true. The way Min Ho kissed Min Young. I really do hope they get back with each other. T______T Right now I really wish to just erased the drama series of Min Ho and Hye Sun in people`s mind. So there wont be any bashing happened 😦 Poor beautiful Min Young. Suffered much. -_____-

        Please update as always Leslie on what`s happening about Min Ho or/and Min Young. =)))
        Thanks for this blog. I will be here to support them ^___^

      • that`s supposed to be “kissed HER*” LOL !!! (the time Min Ho kissed *HIM*) Who`s HIM ? hahahahaha !
        Darn it. Wrong grammar :p lmao

      • @BrentotlikesMY Hiii there :)) We really have the same thoughts :bd And I know we, MinMin Shippers also have the same thoughts. MinMin Fighting.

  23. That kiss you’re talking about is just “ACTING” hello! Just ACTING.
    This so called “relationship” was for publicity stunt, They never dated and they never will!
    It’s time for the PMY agency to announce the so called “break-up” becoz it’s hurting PMY career.
    It didn’t work. I feel for PMY becoz she suffered a tremendeous anxiety for 6 months. Their agencies messed up, making a decision and controlling their talents publicity without consulting
    them or asking them first if they would agree. Like the chinese newspaper had said, this is one of the most fabricated scandal of 2011. I wish PMY a peace of mind and succesful career when she gets back from her vacation.

    • Chinese Minoz are the ones making up stories because they cant stand Minyoung being the girlfriend. The ‘rumor’ was written by Tabloid newspaper and was even brushed as a nuisance. One must know where to get legit news. Just sayin… ^^

  24. Hello guys! I’m Kaye from the Philippines. (^_^)
    I am also a MinMin couple fan so I am also hurt ’bout the break up news. I know I am weird coz I can’t concentrate on my studies and I even cried that night after I heard the news:(((. I hope you’ll not get mad at me after hearing my sides about this story.
    I think if this news was true, LMH should be the one to blame. Can’t help to interpret it this way, ” Min Ho doesn’t love her enough for him to set aside his career abroad and prioritize Min Young”. Remember what he said in the Cantata interview that his first priority is to protect the woman that he loves. Isn’t that sound a bit contradicting? If I will be Min Young I will also initiate

    the break up coz if the man that I trusted to love me did not exert any effort to show his love, I will prefer to be alone forever. I can see that Min Young loves him so much that she remained silent after all the insults from her antis. I think now is the time for her to find someone who will love her to the point that even giving his life would not matter.

    During SKKS I’m sure Min Young have feelings for Park Yoo Chun. I admit that I want him for her at first because I saw how much he cared for her. Wiping Min Young’s face with his hand, holding the mike for her @ KBS drama Awards night and even

  25. — and even confirming that Min Young was already the girlfriend of LMH, can stand as evidences that she’s important to him. Maybe that’s why our sweet PMY fall for him. Afterwards, LMH dated her for several times making her heart to change. That’s why I hate him for leaving her. If he didn’t courted PMY and made her his girlfriend, there’s still a big probability that Yoochun will pursue her or even Ah In. There are lots of guys who adore her even after knowing that she had plastic surgery. She’s not tall, not that sexy, not that beautiful but everyone loves her for her innocent smile, angelic face and above all her pure heart and her faithfulness towards the people that love her. It will not be hard for her to find such a great man WHO KNOWS WHAT RESPONSIBILITY AND PRIORITY MEANS. She deserves to be happy!!!
    To all the people who insulted her, hope that next time YOU’LL SEE TO IT THAT YOU DON’T HAVE ANY IMPERFECTIONS BEFORE INSULTING ANYONE.
    I still hope that Min Ho will court Min Young again and will promise to make her his priority. But if not, let’s move on and hope that Min Young will stay lovely and cheerful w/out MH.
    Min Young ssi Hwaiting!!!!(^_^)

  26. @kaye – I think you have a point there. probably they had a 1 time fling together. but who knows, maybe its not true. It’ takes two to tango.. LMH kept silent the whole time despite PMY revelation that they were in a relationship (maybe the agency asked her to say so to the reporter). we only see photos from the DISPATCH dining together with the CH staff and I think this scenario were orchestrated by both agencies for promoting the CH.
    Let’s move on and start fresh, after all, they both very young and enjoying their career, Lesson to learn – agencies should treat and give respect to their talents, they are their money maker but they are also human who get hurt. This ” 6 months relationship” is all SCRIPTED”.. i wish a peace mind for all the people who got involved in this scandal . They are LMH, PMY, GHS, STARHAUS and KINKONG agencies, MINMIN and MINSUN fans, MINOZ FANS, and other loyal fans to each talent.

    qUOTE: Everyday is a new beginning….. Peace

    • Sorry. But to tell you frankly, you are not getting my point here.
      I believe they are in a relationship before. No. I’m sure about it. Im sure it’s not only for publicity. I saw how they cared for each other during the shooting of City Hunter and even after it ended. What I am saying is that Lee Min Ho should be brave enough to confront Min Young’s antis and tell them to stop bashing her. It’s his duty as Min Young’s boyfriend.
      I think you are trying to convey that Min Young was the only one who’s fond of Min Ho. Am I right?
      Now, tell me frankly. Are you really a MinMin fan? because I think you’re just trying to pursuade us that nothing special happened between them. How can you call yourself a fan? ( Sorry but I think you should see it for yourself!!!)

  27. =) If you`re trying to feed us those negative thoughts of yours. Maybe you really shouldn`t have done that. ^__^ To tell you frankly, this blog was made for all the MinMin fans who haven`t stopped supporting LMH and PMY even though after hearing the news about the break up. And addition to what I`ve said, I hate you. I`m sorry If I`m being like this. But I started visiting and checking this blog everyday to be updated about LMH and PMY and to read some positive and hopeful comments and thoughts of my fellow MinMin fans. Not to read such negative thoughts, including yours. I know that you`re being realistic and observant. But I want to tell you again =) If you have anything to say again like the one you`ve said, I guess you shouldn`t ^___^ Peace

  28. hi all….relax all those nerves……….we are juz their fans,… so we’re not in the position to judge them from what we hear or read they’re doing…….MINMIN or MINSUN shippers should not fight or say foul words to each other bcoz we didn’t get any benefit for doing dat,right???it’s not us whom will be popular in the showbiz……..

    we also didn’t know the truth whether MH & MY are really dating or whether they really date & broke up with each other…only MH & MY can really answers to all the questions & doubts……time tells us the answers to clear up all these….please do not judge MH for not being a real man…we don’t know the story in his side,whether he’s hurting too or what………TT_TT

    can’t really understands all these doubts, but this is how showbiz works….all with the gossips or scandals or publicity….dats makes showbiz run….

    BTW LEE MIN HO,u’ll always be my dream boy….fightingg!!!!!!

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