[TWITTER] Minyoung deleted her tweets.. WHY?!

delusion is an imperfection that defiles the mind.

“Most hatred is based on fear, one way or another”

Why did Minyoung delete her tweets?because of Antis or maybe her account was hacked? Id choose w/ the former. Why? because of these tweets..only a few of which i have retrieved.

Mentions to Minho

and of course a sample how a little squirt became too happy because of the deleted tweets

Seriously, fans of Minho and Hyesun should tell their shippers “How ’bout a shot of truth in that denial cocktail.”

The word ‘PERFECT’ should encompass everything,however why Hyesun’s fans showed how LUNATIC and ANIMAL-like they are today? I guess the Soompi post triggered it..I really hope they burn alive.

“Deliberate cruelty is unforgivable. “


30 thoughts on “[TWITTER] Minyoung deleted her tweets.. WHY?!

  1. *Sigh* I guess this is what LMH means when saying he wants to keep his r/ship a secret because it’s going to be hard to another party. MY fighting !!!

    Agreed. They should read what they wrote and look at themselves in the mirror because what they wrote reflect who they are.

  2. Nice job on letting the abuse be noticed on Twitter and other social networks. I’m hoping you’ll garner the attention of DC, Korean sites, or even their respective agencies! Show the antis that MinMin/PMY fans are no pushovers!

    I believe she is pushed to her limits by the bashing from antis, and MinSun fans. It’s appalling to think that the hatred for MY stems from an imaginary shipping of GHS & LMH. Such hatred, hostility, and evil words were said that cannot be taken back. I’m sad and angry for PMY to have to go through the abuse on her own.

    As far as blocking the MS fans on Twitter, I understand why she is doing so. Their comments are so brutal and ruthless. Even now, they are not repenting their evil actions, but continue to tweet her negative tweets, calling her plastic, and etc. They are even tweeting to GHS with bashing remarks about PMY. This atrocity doesn’t seem to end.

  3. Koo Hye Sun is just a big, really big… huge sh+t deep inside my +ss. She should repair her face 10,000 times if she wants to compete with my Min Young babe. Who do her fans think Koo Hye Sun is??? less popular, uglier, fake and also shorter grandma. If you sons of b+tches want Lee Min Ho back to that grandma, ok, but leave my Min Young alone, b+tches

  4. Wow, I would definitely give a thumb up for blocking Minsun fans from twitter!!! Truthfully who would welcome pests to their home territory???!!! Those Minsun fans are so so naive (should I say outright dumb) to think their accounts would not be blocked, after being so nasty??? Oh-ho, and they have the cheek to call MY a loser??!!!
    Losers are those who go around calling other losers.

  5. Yeah. What Miss Min Young did was right. It`s for her own good too, and to protect her feelings. Calling Min Young a loser and fake / plastic is too harsh -.-“. They didn`t even thought of theirselves first if they were in the spot where Min Young was, yet they act too rush. And they threw really bad words to Min Young. That is not a good characteristic of a person/s. Those anti`s and Minsun fans should really look at the mirror first and reflect what they see. What the hell with those fans. What if someone said something bad or nasty to Hye Sun, they`ll feel the same way we Min Young fans and supporters were feeling right now. But we, on Min Young`s side, should never act too rush and harsh through them. Fighting against them isn`t worth the waste of time 🙂 We really should support Min YOung for now ^___^ and let us make her smile.
    CHIN UP ! Beautiful Min Young. WE, you`re fans are always her to support you 🙂 in everything ^___^ WE won`t give up on you. If you got the chance on reading my comment. Please cheer up miss Min Young, and SMILE. We will be here. Believing in YOU 🙂
    GOODLUCK on your career, TAKE CARE for always, GOD BLESS ! =)

  6. and THOSE MINSUNERS should really shut their MOUTH`s. MINSUN is just a FANTASY that cant become reality. They just can`t accept what happened to MinMin, a DREAM FANTASY came to REALITY. Why dont they open up their eyes and see the truth, ACCEPT it and DEAL with it. -.-” I really am getting too mad because of them 😐 Our Min Young keeps quiet why they keep on throwing inappropriate / bad words against her 😦 WHAT`s with those people !!!

    Park Min Young!!! Cheeer up !!! and SMILE. Just be yourself and show to MinSun Fans what you really are, the REAL Min Young. Be kind, nice and good always. And they will see who you really are and why Min Ho fell for you. GODBLESS for always my Idol Min Young !!! 🙂

    • you’re totally missing the point. this site was made for minmin shippers. incidentally, minmin shippers have to protect their fandom against marauders of the worst kind – in the same way that minsun shippers protect their ship by getting back at those who threaten to topple their non-existent ship.

      sad to say, it was the minsun shippers who started the war. you can’t expect the opposing side to cower in the midst of all this bashing. we stand up for the minmin couple by reiterating all the points that have led us to believe in and protect their love for each other. also, notice how minmin shippers NEVER attack GHS based on groundless fantasies. in fact, we don’t and we would never attack GHS because she has nothing to do with this.

      anyway, the point is if this site bothers you so much, then please don’t ever visit again. if you’d like, you can also make your own minsun archive. you can rest assured that we would never bother you there with nasty comments or let-downs because true minmin shippers are classy like that. we defend the minmin couple, but never by launching cannons at other ships.

      • It’s not like this site was made just to make GHS and minsun fans look bad. Have you seen any minmin fans posted on any of GHS’s fanpage? Did you saw or hear of some issue that we made first impression against GHS? We never said something like that before. But now, you will see some comments and reaction regarding about GHS and minsun fans. Because, at the first place, who did started those? We dont, those minsun fans did. And now, our Min Young got hurt because she never did anything bad against GHS or minsun fans. Maybe they just can’t accept that the Kim Na Na and Lee Yun Soung tandem become reality. Maynbe they just can’t deal with it. That’s why they threw bad words to Min Young. We minmin fans never wanted any trouble. We’re just supporting our Min young.

    • I created this blog for the purpose of fangirling Park Minyoung and Lee Minho couple, however as you have seen w/ your two eyes MinSun fans started to bash Park Minyoung on twitter. It has been going on for quite some time how does a shipper react to that? We have not casted the stone, Minsun fans did.

  7. MIN-MIN HATERS, F*CK OFF!!! Bashing PARK MIN YOUNG won’t make things different! No matter what you fools do, she’s still the real-life leading lady of LEE MIN HO! Take a chill pill and worry about your own love-life. But I guess, you guys don’t have one in the first place that’s why you are so busy minding others’ relationship.

    – Honestly, I don’t swear! Bashing is not my thing but if situation asks for it, I can go all-out without reservations!

  8. I think those MinMin haters are simply jealous of PMY because they could never be in her position. If it’s another female and not PMY, they would just be as cruel to her. I feel bad for those people because they have so much hate inside of them and that’s what they can produce. “Garbage in, garbage out.”

    • Yeah you`re right Candace. I kinda pity them a little cause they cant accept reality. Hye Sun must feel the same too.

  9. We dont have to really bash them off. We dont have to fight against them. Right now, support Min Young =) We dont want to be like them cause we`re not THEM ^__^ We`re here for Min Young. 😀

  10. Bashing and fighting isn`t worth killing time. If Min Young was to say something to us. I guess it is to stay calm and dont fight =) I guess this is what she wants. :))) I really hope she`s feeling okay now. And I hope that Min Ho`s by her side now for him to comfort our Min Young. I really wish that they will end up standing in the front of the altar. Even though I feel kinda sad and happy at the same time =) Cause my idol Min Young is inlove with Min Ho. Oh! I really wish I was Min Ho, LOL ! my Fantasy cant be reality :p but still I am happy for the two of them =)))

  11. Geez… i just finish watching her city hunter and glorious jane.. just start to like her… but then.. when i follow her twitter there was nothing.. start wondering why and search on google… now those bitch who comment bad things about her just freaking jealous becuz she have relationship with minho?? what’s wrong with them?? *really on fire

  12. i wanna punch their faces until they realized that they are so so wrong! i was sad for min young .. those twitter posts just put my day into a bad mood

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